Celebrate Carnival / Mardi Gras in the Riviera Maya

Skip New Orleans this year and celebrate Mardi Gras in the Riviera Maya! Cozumel Island has a long history of Mardi Gras celebrations, with Merida putting on a great series of events before Fat Tuesday.

Dates for Carnival in 2015

Fat Tuesday falls on February 17, 2015. Cozumel has a full month of celebrations starting January 17 with the crowning of the King and Queen. Merida has a full week of Carnival celebrations starting Feb 11 and ending February 17th.

Like other famous Mardi Gras destinations, Cozumel and Merida celebrate with incredible costumes, local traditions and of course, great food. Preparations for the events take all year, so expect a magnificent display during the week of February 11.

Schedule and Facebook page for Cozumel Carnaval

If you are hoping to take part in the Cozumel party, the Facebook page for this event is the best place to check for updates and schedules.

Celebrate Carnival / Mardi Gras in the Riviera Maya

Schedule and Official Event Page for Merida Carnival

Carnival is held in various locations in Merida, with many activities happening in the Plaza Carnaval. For and overview of activities, parade schedules, and locations, the Merida Official Carnival Page is an excellent resource.

The History of the Name Carnaval in Spanish Speaking countries

This is an interesting history of how the word carnaval (Spanish spelling of carnival) came to be. The word comes from a mix of Latin, Italian and Spanish terms for ‘dont eat meat’ – la carne levantar. When the phase is abbreviated it becomes ’ carnevale’. With some phonetic changes to meet Spanish standards the word ‘carnaval’ was born.

Check out our vacation rentals and haciendas in Merida so you can take advantage of this incredible festival in 2015. For Cozumel parades, stay anywhere on the Riviera Maya coast and take the ferry from Playa del Carmen for the island parades.

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