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It has been years, if not over a decade, since we visited the Puerto Morelos botanical gardens. I was inspired to visit again as a friend just sat through a indigenous Maya plants seminar. I am glad I revisited this location and wanted to share some new photos with you. What I found at this latest visit to the Jardin Botanico – Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin is that not much has changed, which is amazing in this day and age. Our lives are changing at lightning speed, but thankfully there are some classic adventures that still remain. This adventure is one of them. Our original article continues to reflect the experience you will have today.

Many Names for the Same Location

We wrote about this botanical garden early in 2000 though our visit was in 1998. Back then the Gardens was going through a name change from Yaax Che Botanical Gardens to Jardin Botanico – Dr Alfredo Barrera Marin. Old school locals refer to the gardens by its original name. New visitors only know the gardens by its new name, new meaning it was changed in 1994.

Spectacular Jungle Location and an Orchid Garden

I did forget what a beautiful and serene walk it is around the property. Anticipate spending at least an hour walking through the trails of the gardens. If you are super interested in the local plants, carve out 2 hours for this tour.

The tour is generally done solo without a guide, and it is a great solo tour. If you choose to hire a guide, you can do so for 200 pesos. All the trees, plants and different planting areas are labeled well, so you won’t have any issues guiding yourself through the gardens.

The tower and suspension bridges still exist and the view has not changed! Love this part of the walk.

The orchid garden right by the second tower is still spectacular. There were over 25 different orchid plants in a small shaded area to the left. Don’t miss this precious garden.

The Only Change is the Entrance to the Gardens

january 27 blog post 4

With changes to the 307 highway in the last 10 years, it is hard to spot the entrance to the Botanical Gardens. When you exit off the highway into Puerto Morelos, the Botanical Gardens are right there, I mean right there. Before the highway was widened, you pulled off onto the shoulder and casually turned into the entrance. With changes to the highway the turn into the gardens is a bit dramatic and will take you by surprise.

This is how we drove into the parking area without any issues. Drive slowly into Puerto Morelos, taking care that no one is right behind you. On your immediate right is the archway into the gardens, which indicates you are less than 25 meters from where you turn into the parking lot. You will actually enter through the exit.

If you are taking the collectivo, and I recommend this, tell the driver you want to get off at the Botanical Gardens. He will be able to make the stop better than anyone, plus you don’t have to worry about parking.

Latest Images from the Puerto Morelos Botanical Gardens

Here you go! We took a few more photos to add to our collection!

january 27 blog post 2

january 27 blog post 3

january 27 blog post 5

january 27 blog post

januray 27 image 6


Checkout the Selvatica Eco Park if you want another adventure in Puerto Morelos. This eco park will have you zip lining through the jungle with a refreshing snorkel in a cenote at the end. Super cool way to experience the jungle!

Not sure where Puerto Morelos is located? Check out our overview of this little gem of a town in the Riviera Maya.

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