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24 May 2019
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By now, most of our travelers are familiarized with the Sargasso term., which is a brown type of seaweed. A couple of years ago started to arrive at the Mexican Caribbean and not in a “friendly” little by little way. It soon started to flood the shores and became an issue due to the worrying amounts arriving on the beaches. The smell is also too strong sometimes that makes it impossible to be near the beach, to hang out or even relax under the palm trees.

The huge difference now is that we are prepared for it. Locals, Mexican Government, and Property owners have discovered a few ways to reduce the inconvenience for our travelers during their holidays. Stay tuned to find out ways to reduce the overproduction of Sargasso on the Oceans, and make the most of your holidays despite it.

A Natural Issue

There are a few possible causes for the massive production of Sargasso we are getting lately. Deforestation, massive pollution, and climate change. All this originates the over productions of Sargasso making it impossible to maintain it in one area. It moves thanks to the winds and waves and arrives at some coasts and beaches, like the ones in Riviera Maya.
Due to its nature, it is almost impossible for us to predict when we will get Sargasso or even the amount of it. It changes according to the weather and location. Some days we get very little and only on certain beaches, and the next day it can be totally opposite.
The Mexican Government is currently removing Sargasso with trucks, warships, and helicopters, then placing it in the jungle areas far from Touristic sites. Property owners have now designated cleaning staff to remove Sargasso every couple of days. To ensure our visitors are not disrupted by the amounts of Sargasso arriving at the beach.

Some helpful practices to reduce Sargasso are:

-Use Bio-friendly sunblock and bug spray.
-Reduce or eliminate the use of plastic, disposable items or straws.
-Avoid pollution of the beaches (Cigarette butts, cups, plastic bags, etc.).
-Choose Tours that guarantee Eco-friendly practices, or that are conscious towards local flora and fauna.

A Paradise No Matter What

One of the perks of living in this beautiful side of Mexico is the endless options for relaxing and entertainment despite the increase of Sargasso. There are still plenty of things to see and to do in the area, that has nothing to do with the beaches. And, there are also beaches that remain clean and beautiful, because they are not usually affected by the Sargasso. Whether you decide to visit a beach or explore other options with your family, you will always have something new and exciting to do while on Holidays. Us locals have the most updated information when it comes to avoid Sargasso and enjoy some free time at a low cost.

Sargasso-Free Beaches in Quintana Roo:

-Xpu-Ha Beach
-Punta Allen
-Playa Langosta, Cancun
-Playa Tortugas, Cancun
-Playa Caracol, Cancun
-Holbox Island
-Isla Mujeres Island
-Contoy Island

Recommended Cenotes:

-Cenote Manati (or Casa Cenote)
-Jardin del Eden Cenote
-Cristalino Cenote
-Azul Cenote
-Grand Cenote
-Cenote Dos Palmas (previous reservation)

Reliable Resources

These are some great options that provide up to date information about Sargasso. Like we mentioned before, it cannot be predicted, but you can be informed of what locations are most affected by it and avoid them. For our travelers arriving at Akumal and Tulum, it would give you an idea of what to expect and be able to plan in advance your itinerary.

You can check daily the amount of Sargasso arriving at Akumal main beach and Tulum main beach. Check our webcams located at Lol-Ha Restaurant in Akumal, and La Eufemia Taqueria in Tulum. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to informing about the Status of Sargasso in Cancun. And of course, there is also us, who would love to provide you with tons of recommendations and tips to make the most of your family Vacations, without having to worry about Sargasso. E-mail us to or call us 512-782-9878.