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15 Apr 2019
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As the time pass by and you get closer to your holidays in Mexico, we bet at least once it has crossed your mind, the thought of grocery shopping in Riviera Maya. Will they have the usual brand I get at home? Would the prices be fair? Will I be able to understand if the ingredients are in Spanish?. There are all kinds of doubts and questions that travelers get stressed about, once they realized vacation time is near.

We would like to come up with a simple, yet helpful, guide about the places to get best groceries with quality/price equals value. We understand how difficult is to arrive to a country is nothing like home and food is always an important thing to have in mind. There is no bad grocery shopping but bad crockery shopping recommendations, and we would like you to have firsthand information to enjoy the delicious options but of course shopping Mexican style.

Grocery Shopping Vs Grocery Delivery

For every option there is always pros and cons, for grocery shopping is just the same. The advantages of picking up the groceries on the way to your vacation home are, you get to see the products and to pick the one you like, there are more options and you get to choose the price you want to pay. The cons would be that it is almost impossible to stop for grocery shopping when you are arriving in a big group and you are trying to fulfill everyone´s request. If you arrive after the stores are closed, you are too tired after the flight or you don´t know exactly where to shop.

Grocery delivery could be less stressful, you would have the groceries already in your vacation home and without consuming your time. The cons would be that you have to choose from a grocery menu and sometimes the brands you are looking for would not be on the options. The way we see it is, for some families might work better the grocery delivery and for others, it would be more convenient to just make a quick stop and shop for themselves. By the way, you can totally arrange your Airport Transportation with us and request a stop for grocery shopping.

Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free

There is no easy way to get the exact same groceries you probably have at home but we have tons of shops that will be close enough to the flavor you have in mind. One of the great things about Mexico is that no matter how picky you are with food, your preferences or your special needs, there is always an option for you. Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Akumal and Tulum are full of markets where you can shop for Vegetarian, Organic, Gluten free options, etc.

We highly recommend and encourage our travelers to shop locally, you´re not only helping the Mayan community but you are also taking the chance to get better quality for groceries, better price of course and even healthier options. Don´t be afraid to try local markets in every town, you can always request the schedule from your Concierge. Most of the stores or markets in town are offering options for celiac, vegan, vegetarians and even choices for allergic people.

Where To Grocery Shop

We finaly got to the good stuff. This is a list of some ideas to go grocery shopping, you just have to take a look at their maps and locate the one closer to you!

1. Chedrahui Store is always the first option, they pretty much have a little bit of everything. From food, furniture, alcohol, to even clothing and souvenirs.

2. DAC Grocery Store I like the dream for organic, vegetarian, vegan and allergic travelers. Is probably not the cheapest option but you can also find foreign brands there and vegetables and fruits.

3. Aki Supermarket works like a small Chedrahui but with more Mexican brands. Price is better since they sell in bulk items, kind of like a Mexican Costco.

4. Bodega Aurrera is a good option but less popular than Super Aki. They also sell in bulk items and they specialize in Mexican inexpensive brands.

5. Last but no least is the most popular store in Mexico, the worldly famous Oxxo Store. They are not very big, but you will literally run into at least 200 of them while vacationing in Mexico. They have a lot of snacks, quick food like hot dogs, oven pizza, nachos and even coffee to go. You will also find first aid stuff, batteries, cheap cell-phones and even bath amenities.

These are the top five stores in Riviera Maya where you will be able to shop for anything you need during your holidays. Don´t forget to contact your personal when in doubt, whom by the way will be more than happy to help you arrange a Chef Service or the grocery delivery to your vacation home.