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26 Sep 2019
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Vacation Tips

One of the most frequently asked questions we get by our customers is: “How much should we tip?”

We created a cheat sheet with tipping guidelines, based on our local knowledge.

At your vacation rental:

Maids: 3% of the rental cost
Gardener: 2% of the rental cost
Chef, or local cook: $100 pesos per meal or $200 pesos a day

Tours and activities:

Spa service providers: 15% on average
Dive-masters: $50 pesos per person per one tank dive.
Fishing Captain and crew: 10-15% of the cost of the trip also if you catch fish and decide you don’t want to keep your catch you can offer it to the crew as well.
Tour and activity guides: $100 – $200 pesos per service depending on the # of people and activity

Restaurants & Bars:

Waiters & waitresses: 15% of your bill on average. Double check the bill to see if gratuity has been added in all ready.
Bartenders: $10 pesos per round.

Other people you may tip:

Taxi drivers, private drivers: depending on how far, but for example airport transfers about $200 pesos per trip. Taxi’s about 10% of your fare.
Grocery store baggers – a couple of pesos
Mariachis, strolling musicians: 20-50 pesos depending on how much you like them.
Baggage handlers at the airport/Skycaps and bellboys: – $20 – $50 pesos depending on luggage
The guy who pumps your gas: if he/she washes your windshield, etc. $5-10 pesos

Please keep in mind that many of these people make a low daily wage, and their income is based on gratuity.