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31 Aug 2018
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Vacation Tips

Yes, there are free things to do in the Riviera Maya and Yucatan that will take your vacation from good to great. We have put together a list, albeit not a complete list, but a list of free things to do in the Riviera Maya and Yucatan for you to enjoy.

Free Things To Do In The Riviera Maya

Snorkeling in Soliman Bay – Just in front of Chamico’s restaurant at the end of the Soliman Bay Beach road you can snorkel from the beach and see great sea life. We love spending the day here, but you will need to bring your own snorkel gear, life jacket and please snorkel with a buddy.

Beach walk – All beaches in the Riviera Maya are free public spaces so a beach walk is a free activity. There are miles and miles of beaches to explore. For most, their beach walk is the highlight of their vacation. You cannot beat the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, and the soft sand found on these beaches.

Caminarte – Every Thrusday night in Playa del Carmen, local artists set up shop on 5th Ave between Calle 22 and Calle 34. This pop up market is a great way to spend the evening while getting to know local artists. The event starts at 5 pm and runs till 11 pm.

Parque Fundadores – Founders Park is an iconic Playa del Carmen location that is home to so many free things. The small chapel that overlooks the sea is beautiful, dancing and indigenous shows run every night, the kids park is a great place for both parents and kids, and the view is spectacular.

Playacar Mayan Ruins – Playacar, a suburb of Playa del Carmen not far from the ferry pier, has a few small Mayan ruins that are open to the public with no entrance fee. These ‘free’ Mayan Ruins are small but none the less an important part of the trade routes built along the coast of the Caribbean.

Paamul Public Pool – The pool is seaside so enjoy both the pool and Caribbean at the same time. Use of the pool is free and quite popular with local families on the weekend.

Puerto Aventuras Marina – The marina is Puerto Aventuras is big, and with that comes some pretty exceptional boats and yachts. Walking around the marina is free, and you will be amazed at the vessels that call Puerto home.

Free Things to Do in the Yucatan

As you tour through the colonial cities of the Yucatan you will find some great free things to explore in the main cities and the small pueblos. This list is just the beginning of free things to do in the Yucatan.

Talavera Fountain in Casona de Valladolid – This 20 foot fountain made of talavera pottery is a marvelous piece. Located inside the restaurant, visitors can enter the area for free.

San Bernard Convent on a Sunday – Entrance fees are waved on Sundays to the Convent in Valladolid. Sunday, free funday!

Weekend festivals in the Merida Zocalo – dancing, singing, art festivals and vendors. Every weekend in Merida is about free entertainment, and quite the cultural show.

Governor Palace – Entrance is free to this historical attraction in the center of Merida. Over 30 murals decorate the walls of the building showing the history of the Yucatan.

Municipal Markets in Merida and Valladolid – The local markets in both of these cities are free attractions that bring you close to the local culture. Spectacular places to visit.

Churches throughout the Yucatan – All churches in the Yucatan are free, and part of a historical past that cannot be forgotten. A favorite is the church Vallidolid, but Merida has the main cathedral and a host of small churches in each neighborhood. There is a Church Route in the interior that takes you through small pueblos and villages that you may have otherwise missed. All of this is free, and worth exploring!

Do you have a favorite free thing to do in the Riviera Maya or Yucatan? Let us know so we can share other free things to do in Mexico!