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28 Apr 2017
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Breaking all the rules that apply for regular restaurants in the area, there are unique places that stand out from the rest. There is a lot of competition when it comes to places to eat in Riviera Maya but there is one in particular that has no equal. A completely new concept that is combining the luxury with the natural views that Tulum offers. Let´s say that this restaurant is taking advantage and embracing the jungle that surround us. It creates the most wonderful and relaxing vibe and provides absolute exclusivity to visitors. One of the highlights of a restaurant will always be the Chef. And this place can compete with the finest menus in New York or Paris. But fortunately for us is here, right in the middle of Tulum jungle.

High End Meets The Jungle

Since the moment you step into the area, the first thing you notice is the organic architecture. Then the smell of nature welcomes you in perfect lighting and sophisticated ambiance. Surrounding by beautiful trees and with the sound of the birds and wonderful colors of the sunset. The decoration and little details makes you feel like you are walking into a dream. Tilts build 12 meters above the ground with unbelievable views that overlook the trees. Wooden floors and wooden bridges that lead you to open areas; the bar and restaurant. There are spaces with nets like hammocks suspended between the trees where you can relax while you wait for your dinner.

Menu For Every Taste

At Kin Toh restaurant the preparation of dinners is in charge of Chef Jaime Coll. Which is the winner of Michelin award 2010, a very prestigious award for professional Chefs. The place is focused on Modern Mexican cuisine and Mayan cuisine. With wonderful creations product of local and organic ingredients to guarantee the best culinary experience. Vegan options are available and for other dietary needs it is best to inform the restaurant when making your reservation. Kin Toh is proud of its versatility. It has been the host of high end events like the last Maxim Magazine Spring Party. And is also available for anniversaries, birthday celebrations or any other especial event you have in mind. Anything can be arranged with enough time in advance.

Secure Your Table At Kin Toh

The minimum age to visit the restaurant is 18 years old. Monday to Saturday and the Sundays the restaurant is closed. They start serving cocktails from 5:00pm to 6:30pm and from 6:30pm to 11:00pm it´s dinner time. The dress code specifies that ladies should not wear swim suits, and men no tank tops or bathing suit shorts. They take walk in´s but only under first come first served basis. Kin Toh restaurant is located on Tulum beach road and you can access through Azulik Hotel entrance. It is definitely a unique way of dining and we would love to help our travelers to experience it. So if you are traveling soon to the area don´t forget to contact us at: and let us assist you with reservations.