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6 Aug 2018
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No matter where you are in Mexico, the best time for tacos is after dark, and the tiny island of Holbox is no exception.

The island itself has a variety of international influences in its cuisine, but its tacos are very, very Mexican. Keep reading to find out the most popular places to eat tacos during your Holbox vacation.

Classic Mexican Tacos at Taco Queto

Located between the main square and the beach, Taco Queto is famous for its flavorful, street-style tacos.

It’s a great place to try tacos al pastor, which are made with marinated and split-roasted pork. Other Mexican food favorites such as guacamole, frijoles charros (bean stew), nachos and tortas, which are a sandwich on a white roll and stuffed with your favorite choice of meat, are also on the menu. For a twist on pizza, try the restaurant’s taco-inspired pizzas such as pastor pizza and arrachera (flank steak) pizza.

Taco Queto is usually busy most weekend nights because it’s popular among Holbox locals and tourists alike. The atmosphere is casual with plastic tables only.

Location: Avenida Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, between Calle Tiburon Ballena and Calle Palomino (1 block northwest of the main square)
Open: 6 pm to midnight
Prices: Tacos $15 – $26 pesos each, tortas and burros $65 – $130 pesos each

Barba Negra for Vegetarian and Seafood Tacos

With just a few tables set under a small palapa, Barba Negra restaurant is relaxed and breezy by day, then has more ambiance by night as it fills up with more customers.

The tacos here are a little more expensive than other Holbox taco joints. But they’re also larger than your typical street taco and come piled high with toppings.

You’ll mostly see seafood and vegetarian tacos on the menu at Barba Negra, whose name means “Blackbeard” in Spanish. Items include Baja-style fish tacos, ajillo fish or octopus tacos, crunchy octopus tacos, mushroom tacos, cauliflower tacos and even more, along with a menu of drinks and cocktails.

Location: At Casa del Agua Hostel, Avenida Damero between Calle Carito and Calle Sierra
Open: 1pm to 10pm (kitchen closes at 9:30pm)
Prices: $25 – $45 pesos per taco

Street carts on Holbox’s main square

For a unique street-food experience, Holbox style, head during the evenings to the main square in the center of town. There, you’ll find a variety street carts lined up around the outside of the plaza.

The taco carts start with different kinds of chopped meats to choose from like chicken, beef, and carnitas (braised pork). You then ask to add ingredients such as salsas, chopped onion, cilantro, radish and more.

Holbox’s food carts also offer a variety of other food options. You can find tortas, raspados (shaved ice flavored with fruit, syrups and sometimes chili spices), and sometimes even hot dogs. It’s a wonderful way to grab dinner when you’re on a budget.

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