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17 Feb 2017
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Yes, we are fans of Puerto Morelos, the small seaside town between the Cancun Airport and Playa del Carmen. If you are looking for a quiet holiday, with lots of local nuances intertwined with little known local history, Puerto Morelos is where you want to be.

If you were hoping for a city filled with brand name stores and restaurants, lots of beach bars and things to do both night and day, you might be happier in one of the Riviera Maya cities, like Playa del Carmen.

We have guests that love the liveliness of Playa, we have guests who love the more laid back feel of Puerto Morelos. Check out this information if you are undecided or want to try somewhere new in the Riviera Maya.

Food First – Cooking Schools, Food Tours and Lots of Restaurants

Puerto Morelos seems to be a bit more food diverse and accessible than other Riviera Maya cities. All restaurants are locally owned, and local foodies love to share the history of Mexican Food. The Little Mexican Cooking School is a great cooking school that takes foodies through flavors and history all in one bite. Owner Catriona Brown and her Chefs are passionate about food history and recipes. This is a must attend ‘attraction’ if you are even remotely curious about Mexican food and culinary traditions.

New on the scene is the Riviera Maya Food Tours, a small company that takes visitors on food tours of Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and Cancun. What we love about this tour is not only the incredible knowledge of Chef Cristobal, but his ability to introduce you to foods, locations, off the beaten track places that you would never have found yourself. We found extra ‘food courage’ once we completed his tours, something that we thought we did not lack, but discovered we did. Contact him for a food tour in any one of these cities. It will open up your world of food to a level you never even suspected.

Vegan and want to try authentic Mexican dishes? Puerto Morelos seems to be fueling the vegan movement with both vegan restaurants and a vegan food cart. Tacos retain their ‘meat names’ but animal products are not used in the preparation of any of their recipes. It is even hard for a meat lover to tell the difference in some cases. The food cart opens most nights at 5 pm at the corner of Ave. Tulum and Ninos Heroes across from the Oxxo. The Vegan restaurant called Puerto Vegan is located to the north on Ninos Heroes just a block and half on the left hand/west side. The restaurant is open from 12 noon until 5 pm.

Other Puerto Morelos favorites are Mi Cocina, La Sirena, La Playita, Unico, and El Nicho. Check out our Loco Gringo Directory for locations and opening times as some of these restaurants are only open during the day. Believe it or not, there are over 80 restaurants to choose from in this little town.

Beaches – The Focal Point of Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is more than the beach, but we have to say, the beach is a big part, a very big part of Puerto Morelos fun. Whether you like sunrises, snorkeling or siestas, the beach is the place to be. You will find just a few beach clubs, Unico, Paradise Beach Club and Cancun Billy’s. Most people take their coolers, beach chairs and a book to the beach as they enjoy the cool breezes, snorkeling from shore, and just hanging out. Walks on the beach to the south will take you all the way to Cancun if you want!

Community Programs – The True Heart of Puerto Morelos

There is a great artist community in Puerto and the community programs reflect this passions. Whether it be visual arts, dance, acrobats or music, various community programs support and share this love of the arts. In the beginning of 2017, the new mayor of Puerto Morelos announced that this seaside town will continue to support and expand local arts and culture activities.

It is worth checking out the Casa de Cultura- Community Arts Center on Av. Ninos Heroes. In the evening nightly artists fair in the main plaza overlooking the Caribbean is a popular place to be. The Saturday night show also held in the main plaza is full of fun dances, acrobats and music, designed gor kids but loved by all. On Wednesday night Danzon is held for Mexican seniors but loved by many expat residents. Danzon is a national waltz. Seniors take to the pier in front of the sea and dance the night way. This is fun to do and just as fun to watch.

The programs in Puerto Morelos continue to expand as the new administration puts together their cultural program. This is a little city to watch, if not consider for your next vacation. If you wish to have a bit more action, it is a great day trip for something completely different during your vacation.