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16 Sep 2018
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Admittedly we have been admiring this incredible masterpiece tucked in the back of La Casona Restaurant in Valladolid. Built in 2012 by the Xcaret cultural workshop, the Virgin de Candeleria Fountain is a work of art that fuses cultural beliefs, art, and traditions into a glorious fountain.

The Vision Behind the Fountain

Valladolid is an historical colonial town to the west of the Riviera Maya. Its roots are in the State of the Yucatan and the community takes great pride in its history, culture and architecture. La Casona wanted to house a monumental piece of architecture that honored the patron saint of the city, Virgin de la Candelaria, while showcasing local traditions, culture and workmanship. The Fountain is magnificent and what the restaurant owners envisioned.

The design fusion we mentioned is three way. Talavera tiles form the exterior, the design is modeled after a catholic alter, and the Virgin Mary is clothed in a traditional Hipil, a Yucatecan dress still warn to this day.

The talavera facade is a combination of pots, vases, tiles and plates. The Virgin Mary dressed in the traditional hipil is front and center in the fountain, and surrounded by four Saints; San Bernardo de Siena, Santa Luca, San Juan and San Servacio.

This incredible fountain is large, standing over 30 feet high, and spreading over 20 feet. From afar it is majestic, up close you can see the workmanship, creativity and color that makes this a great piece to stop by and admire, not just see. This description and information does not do the fountain justice. Share your view once you have seen it! We would love to hear what you think.

Location of the Casona Fountain

The Fountain is located at the back of La Casona Restaurant in Valladolid on 41st street just steps to the west from the main square. Visitors are encouraged to step inside and view the fountain as well as the folk art shop that sells items from local artists and artisans. The restaurant is charming, with an outdoor patio and large interior, typical hacienda style building. Large tour groups come to this restaurant so it is best to come earlier in the day so you can enjoy their a la carte menu, or later in the afternoon. On most days from 1 pm to 3 pm when the tour groups arrive, the restaurant only serves a buffet. We have experienced both, buffet and a la carte, and prefer the a la carte menu, only because we feel we cannot eat as much as the buffet offers. If you want to try a variety of yucatecan food, the buffet could be right up your alley as the main dishes and desserts are traditional dishes.

This stop can be part of a great tour of Vallodolid, a beautiful colonial city that you can easily reach by bus or car. It is one of our favorite escapes from the beach with so much to see and do.

Check out more travel information about Valladolid, and start planning.