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26 Apr 2023
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As of 2015 all of the Caribbean nations, from Florida to Cozumel and even the Antilles have been impacted by an overwhelming bloom of sargassum that has been washing up on their beaches.  2023 has been reporting record numbers of unsightly seaweed but thankfully non-profit organizations comprised of local residents and homeowners are working at establishing a network to contain the damage. 

A completely natural phenomenon, there isn't much that countries can do to stop the growth of sargassum until major changes are made to agricultural and environmental policies around the world.  Since 2018 beaches such as Akumal Bay and Kantenah Bay have set up containment barriers to reduce the amount of sargassum that shows up on shore.  Communities such as Puerto Aventuras already had existing jetties that help keep the seaweed at bay but still require a huge effort on land to clean up what does make it to the mainland.  

Unfortunately, not all beaches are created equal and some beaches such as Soliman Bay and Half Moon Bay in North Akumal have a more delicate ecosystem thus giving engineers a larger challenge.  In 2019 Soliman Bay implemented an off-shore containment system supported by boats collecting the seaweed as well as on land. In the summer of 2023, Half Moon Bay will have its own containment barrier design to the amount of sargassum smothering our reef, and our beach can be reduced to a safer, more manageable amount.   

Thanks to the success of containment barriers along the coastline residents and guests are able to continue enjoying their beach vacations in Mexico.  

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