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31 May 2019
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Quintana Roo is the host of 4 different species, out of a total of 7 species of Sea turtles in the world. We are very excited to have such an honor and keep welcoming these beautiful Mamas, who choose our beaches to build their nests. If you are traveling to this location between May and October, you could be witnessing a Sea turtle hatching. Keep an eye on the little “bumps” on the beach with a stick and a tag on them. All located Sea turtle nests will have an estimated date for hatching. And the hatchings are mostly in the afternoon right before sunset.

Sea Turtle Nesting In Akumal

So far, the CEA (Ecological Center of Akumal), has confirmed that there are a few nests in the Akumal area. Bahia Media Luna in Halfmoon Bay got 4 nests. Bahia Akumal only 1 nest located. Playa Tortuga in Jade Bay, got 9 nests located. And Akumal South or Akumal Sur got 3 nests. We are sure visitors arriving in these areas will be able to witness the baby sea turtles hatching. But for more information please contact directly the CEA in Akumal. You can also check the Sea Turtle Protection Program 2018, made by the CEA in Akumal.

Other Places To Witness Sea Turtles

To swim with sea turtles, the best place would be Soliman Bay or Akumal Bay. But there are other locations where you can expect to see some sea turtles hatching. Bahia Principe Hotel has a special area on the beach, where they keep and protect the nests. You can enter through the public access to see the nesting area and the estimated dates for hatching. On Akumal Beach, you will also see some nests with dates on top, to determinate when the baby turtles will be born. Xcacel-Xcacelito beach (recently private), also has sea turtle nests in a protected area. The lifeguards should be able to confirm an estimated date for the sea turtles to hatch there.

Easy Practices To Protect Sea Turtles

In many ways, you can help indirectly to the protection of Sea turtles. And these are some simple practices that help greatly to the conservation of these beautiful animals.

  • Avoid the usage of plastic (straws, cups, packages, etc). It all ends in the ocean.
  • Wear only Bio-friendly sunblock (the fish at cenotes will also appreciate it).
  • When swimming with Sea turtles, do not harass them nor touch them.
  • Avoid stepping on the located Sea turtle nests. They usually have a stick with a sign on them.
  • When leaving the beach in the afternoons, return beach chairs to their original place. To have the path clear for Sea turtle mamas who come to give birth.
  • Nothing more effective than spreading the word, between family members and friends vacationing in Riviera Maya or any other Sea turtle destination.

If you have any other question about the Sea turtle season or Whale Shark season, pretty please e-mail us to we would love to give you some more tips, to enjoy your holidays at the most!