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20 Jul 2023
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Encounter A Palatable Melange

Mark your calendars as the culinary gemstone of Riviera Maya - Festival Gastronomico Xcaret - returns for another year of gastronomy galore from July 26th to 30th, 2023. This culinary event of the year showcases a skillful amalgamation of traditional Mexican cuisine with modern, international flavors and techniques, creating an unforgettable, epicurean experience for attendees.

Set in the breathtaking backdrop of the eco-archaeological park Xcaret, situated at Riviera Maya in Mexico, the Festival Gastronomico Xcaret is an annual food festival that tempts palates from around the globe. Celebrating its latest edition in 2023, it offers a unique blend of taste, sight, and culture, inducing visitors into the depths of Mexican heritage and its distinct, diverse culinary landscape.

This five-day culinary extravaganza features food artisans, local and international chefs, renowned culinary experts, and gourmands. Every day, a blooming canvas of eclectic flavors, aromas, and textures will be created, offering attendees the chance to savor a broad spectrum of Mexican cuisine, from the traditional to the contemporary, and everything in between.

Feast Your Senses at Festival Gastronomico Xcaret 2023

The highlight will undoubtedly be the delectable array of dishes prepared by an elite lineup of local and international culinary artists. The 2023 edition is anticipated to feature outstanding participation from many renowned figures in the culinary world. Be prepared for a mind-blowing culinary journey as they demonstrate techniques, share their passion, and unravel a treasure chest of flavors for all attending.

Attendees will also have the unique opportunity to partake in live cooking demonstrations, engaging food masterclasses, refreshing cocktail sessions, and thought-provoking culinary discourses. This will be a valuable opportunity to interact with the experts directly and gain insights from their culinary journeys.

In addition to the food, visitors will be able to enjoy live music, vibrant cultural performances that showcase the rich tradition of Mexico, and dedicated kid zones that ensure fun for the entire family. Plus, don't forget to explore the enchanting eco-park, dive into snorkeling lagoons, wander through lush jungles, and discover exotic animals and birds.

The Festival Gastronomico Xcaret promises to be a sensory fiesta that will engage all your senses, celebrating the authenticity and diversity of Mexican cuisine, fostering a spirit of gastronomic camaraderie, and offering unmatched culinary delights.

Plan Ahead

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