Best Tips For Souvenir Shopping During Vacations

Believe it or not there are more options for souvenir shopping on the non-touristic areas. Although these places are also cheaper, they aren´t easy to spot by travelers. For people visiting the Riviera Maya for the first time, is particularly tricky to navigate through stores. Trying to find the best rates and getting souvenirs that represent the Mexican culture. So we have created a list of the best places to find inexpensive and authentic souvenirs. We recommend you to visit these places and other off the beaten sites. To get a real perspective of the local people and what they have to offer to the rest of the world.

Clay, Pottery And Wicker

Mixik Tulum

The favorite of souvenirs are items painted in bright colors that represent Mexican traditions. Day of the dead figures, statues and also kitchen wear. Some of them are of course easily found on places like 5th Avenue. But you can definitely find better rates and maybe more options at the pueblos. We love Mixik Souvenir Store located on Tulum´s main avenue, close to the ADO bus station. From pottery iguanas to hand made purses and scarves, this store has tons of souvenir options. In Playa del Carmen, far from the famous 5th Avenue you can find great items. On 30th Avenue between 2nd and 4th streets there is an “Artesanía Store” right in front of the drugstore. Clay, pottery and other fabric handmade souvenirs at a great price. And if you are more into furniture or want something bigger like hammocks, wicker baskets, rocking chairs, etc. The best place is on the Federal highway 306 and Juarez Avenue (on the Ejido side). All the furniture you can think off, those guys can create anything out of wicker.

Candies, Snacks And Other Tasty Souvenirs

Chedraui pdc

A real foodie knows that no vacation is complete if they don´t get sweets. And Riviera Maya is the perfect place to go crazy on tasty snacks. The best kind of edible souvenirs can be found at local grocery stores! Places like Chedraui, Soriana and even Walmart have a specific area for souvenirs. Sweet, spicy and affordable. They also have the typical shirts, bracelets and sombreros too. We like Chedraui more because their rates are better and these stores are basically everywhere. We recommend you to visit a local grocery store a day before your departure. This way your candies and snacks will last longer. If can´t make it to the grocery store remember that there are also mini stores in the area. Oxxo stores make a good last minute option to get tasty Mexican souvenirs.

Liquor To Go

La Europea

We are fans of the large Tequila bottles, but did you know that mini versions are so much funnier? The mini tequilas are easy to find at cheaper rates in any grocery store. But if you want a really good price for a large bottle we recommend you the local liquor stores. Preferably away from the touristic areas. In Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos and Puerto Aventuras there is La Europea stores. These places sell local beer, wine, tequila and mezcal too. They are basically like the Sams Club of alcohol. And they often have certain brands on sale which benefits our travelers greatly. As an extra tip: we often get asked what the best Tequila brand in the area is. Well the favorite ones are: Cuervo and Don Julio. These two are the “celebrities” in every Mexican party for sure.

If you would like to get more information about souvenir shopping, don´t hesitate to contact your [email protected] we can also arrange a driver to take you anywhere for shopping. Our local guides and drivers know the area like the back of their palms. And would love to provide the best tips for you!

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