Baseball in Mexico? You bet!

Quintana Roo Tigres Baseball Team

We have become addicted to Mexican baseball. Yup that’s right Mexican baseball. Who would have thunk? Friends of ours who live in Cancun asked us if we wanted to come up for a game. For years we could not find the time. This year we decided to take the plunge and have not looked back since. For Minor League Baseball, I have to say, there are some great players and the games are really good.

What our friends failed to tell us was how great the food is. The Cancun baseball stadium has great food and not at American baseball stadium prices. Dig into some delicious tacos, sausages, fries, tortas, and more for under $5 USD. Beer is stupidly cheap! 25 pesos per beer, which is about 1.25 USD at today’s exchange rate. If you want, you can buy two beers at a time and they put both beers into one big glass.

History of Baseball in Mexico

Quintana Roo Tigres Baseball Team

The Mexican Baseball League – Liga Mexicana de Beisbol – started in 1925. It is a professional Class Triple A Minor League with 16 teams that are divided into two zones, the north and south zone. There is no affiliation with Major League Teams but the league does have two minor leagues of its own, the Mexican Academy League and the North Mexico League.

The League started with 6 teams and has had as many as 20 teams under its umbrella. Currently there are 16 teams that play in the League making the playoffs, held in August, pretty exciting. Mexico City Diablos and Quintana Roo Tigres (that’s our state) are the top two teams in the league.

What to Expect at a Mexican Baseball Game

Quintana Roo Tigres Baseball Team

Expect cheap seat prices with the most expensive seats behind home base running at $8 USD. Tickets can be purchases after 11 am the day of the game, a recommended option so you avoid any line ups before the game. The cheapest ticket is $2.50 USD which are still okay seats. The stadium is not huge, but it is not small either. If you live in the area, you may want to look into purchasing seasons tickets or your own box for the full season.

Expect lots of food and beer. Service is great, and you are served in your seat. There are over 20 different types of food items to choose from so scan what is offered in the first few innings and then make your choice!

We found the games to be super fun, super interesting and of course just a big party. If you are lucky enough to see a Diablos – Tigres game, get ready for a great game. The long standing rival of these teams makes the game electric, super fun and a great way to truly understand Mexico’s commitment to its athletes.

How to Get There

Beto Avila Stadium in Cancun

The games are held at the Beto Avila Stadium in Cancun. The stadium is located just off Avenida Tulum and is super easy to find.

If you have a group of people going to a game, rent a van and make this a mini road trip. Games start between 7 pm and 8 pm so you can make a night out of it. Our friends do this all the time and love having a group share in the experience.

If you are hoping to pop into a game on your own you can either take the bus to Cancun and hop in a taxi to the stadium or you can drive. There is street parking or you can park in the Mega grocery store parking lot which has paid parking.

If you are familiar with Cancun, the stadium is easy to find. It is around the corner from Costco and Mega on Avenida Kabah. If you are not familiar with Cancun and are driving, use google maps to find the stadium. Avendia Kabah is one of the first street off of Avenida Tulum as you enter Cancun. Thankfully you do not have to drive into downtown Cancun to enjoy the game.

Check out the Mexican League website at for schedules or go directly to the Quintana Roo Tigres website.

If you are baseball fan, this is worth checking out. If you are a foodie, it is really worth checking out. If you just want to do something different, this is a great evening activity that is cheap and fun! The Season starts in March and runs to mid-August. Playoffs are August and September.

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