Best Authentic Souvenir Shopping in the Riviera Maya

Posted February 3, 2016 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Vacation Tips

Souvenir Shopping in the Riviera Maya

I think we would be rich if we got a peso for each time visitors asked us this question. With hundreds of stores to visit, and so many ‘Mexican products’ for sale in all Riviera Maya cities and villages, we understand that tequila shot glasses that say Playa del Carmen, or a t-shirt that says ‘My grandma went to Akumal and all she brought me was this t-shirt’ is not what you are looking to buy to remember your vacation in paradise.

Good News . There are a lot of local stores in Riviera Maya cities that have that perfect souvenir for you. There are also lots of great stores that have one of a kind, locally made gifts that you just may want to bring back for a family member or friend. And we know where they are!

If you are looking for run of the mill cheapie souvenirs, this is not the list for you. If you want reasonably prices authentic gifts, this IS the list for you.

Local Shops Worth Stopping By in the Riviera Maya

Souvenir Shopping in the Riviera Maya

We will sort this list of shops by city. By no means is this list complete, but it will get you started.

Puerto Morelos

Playa del Carmen

Puerto Aventuras



Share Your Favorite Riviera Maya Store

Do you have a favorite Mexican crafts and clothing store in the Riviera Maya? We want to know! And so do fellow visitors and travelers to the area. It is easy to find H & M in Playa del Carmen, or Plaza Fiesta in the various cities along the coast. Finding authentic, one of kind stores is a treasure. Share your favorite store and help a local artist or community.

Check out more shopping and stores along the coast in the Loco Gringo Directory.

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