Authentic Food In Riviera Maya And Where To Find It

There is a Mexican saying that goes “Ojos que no ven, Corazón que no siente”. This translates into; Eyes that don´t see, heart that doesn´t feel. And as the love enters through the eyes, we believe that if you don´t see something you wont be able to crave it. Traveling to Mexico is a wonderful experience as it is. And if you add a culinary adventure it will definitely improve the whole trip. It is a shame not to try all the different authentic options that Riviera Maya offers for travelers. It goes beyond spiciness and condiments, it is more an exchange of cultures through the taste of meals. We invite you to try Riviera Maya but this time in an authentic way. Far from the luxury restaurants and fancy meals. A taste of the real Mexico, the one you don´t get to see on touristic magazines or commercials. We guarantee you will return home with a better perception of the local culture and a especial love for the Mexican food.

Antojitos And Comida Corrida


First things first; the definitions. The “Antojitos” is the word we (Mexicans) use to describe authentic fast food. Anything fried, fast cooked is called “antojito” and pronounced: ant- oh-heeto. Empanadas, panuchos, salbutes, tacos, quesadillas and sopes are definitely Antojitos. On the other hand, “comida corrida” means the cheapest complete dinner or lunch in the restaurant. And includes a soup, salad or stew as an entrée, the main course and a drink. The “comida corrida” pronounced: come-eeda core-eeda, is always fresh and they prepare it home style. The local restaurants have these two options as the cheapest. You can find them at the pueblo in each town and not near touristic attractions. The “specials” of the day usually include “comida corrida” and the staff will explain the options. The rate depending on the menu, can go from $80.00 pesos to $180.00 pesos for the complete meal.

All About Tacos

Akumal tacos

The kings of Mexican food; the tacos. Are pretty much everywhere in Riviera Maya. Food stands on the main Avenues will not be local if they don´t offer at least one type of tacos. Our favorite place in Playa del Carmen is El Fogón restaurant. With a great selection of tacos and sides to accompany your dinner. Fresh cactus, rice, caramelized onions, cucumber and beans. Fresh fruit water, fantastic Mojitos and of course, beer. In Akumal we recommend you not to miss the fish tacos at La Buena Vida restaurant. And if you think Vegans don´t have their own delicious option, think again!  Charly´s Vegan tacos in Tulum has some serious options, meat tacos have nothing on them. The “chicharron verde” and mushrooms are our favorite. And as a dessert the fried bananas with honey are heavenly. La Barbacoa de Tulum is also a hidden gem, one of the best places to have tacos. Made of lamb and beef and served with corn tortillas with spicy sauces.

Find The Closest Option

Antojitos Playa del Carmen

In Akumal área we highly recommend you to take a short trip to the Pueblo. Which is not on the beach side. If you cross the bridge you will find at the other side of the freeway, a little restaurant named El Ultimo Maya. Located on the main avenue and often crowded due to its great menu choices. The service is simply fantastic, and the rates could not be better. In Tulum El Camello Jr featuring the best selection of seafood in town. Inexpensive and with a great service. We also recommend Antojitos La Chiapaneca , with the best pastor (sauced pork) tacos in the area.

In Playa del Carmen, away from the touristy attractions, there is Las Ollas Calientes Restaurant. With the best handmade tortillas and fresh fruit water. The style is “comida corrida” but you can request separate meals. We highly recommend the stuffed Chile with cheese and served with rice and salad. Las Quecas de Playa is another precious place that is closer to town but still inexpensive and with lots of tasty options. Our recommendation at this place is the “Chicken sopes”. These are thick fried tortillas with chicken in tomato sauce, cheese, lettuce, cream and fried beans. Or if you feel really hungry and adventurous; the “Papakao” of pork is the best option. Which is a huge quesadilla with cheese and chopped pork. One of the highlights of this place is that remains open all night. From 7:00pm until 5:00am. Which makes it the perfect place for after party munchies.

Now you know what we know and enjoy. But if you have problems locating any of these places, don´t forget to contact your [email protected] . You can also call us at 512-782-9878 because we are dying to provide great tips and helpful information for your holidays!

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