5 Great Tacos Chef Redzepi Will Want To Try in Merida – And You Will Too!


The New York Times ‘T Magazine’ has published various articles on the best Mexican tacos. Love this! Chef Rene Redzepi, owner and world class chef of Noma ( he also ran a pop up in Tulum this past summer) was showcased in a 2014 article taking a quick tour through Mexico to fulfill his love of the Mexican taco. Redzepi has a passion for Mexican food, and a particular passion for a great taco. He just may be onto something. His recent Tulum pop up was a great success but we think these authentic tacos are still better than anything a world class chef can create.

5 Great Taco Places in Merida

Tacos are easy to find in Merida, but great tacos are a true find. Chef Redzepi first experienced a Merida taco at Los Taquitos de PM alongside his good friend and local chef Roberto Solis of Nectar Restaurant. I have added our local favorites to the perfect taco list that Redzepi might want to try on his next visit to Merida.

Taco Árabe – The International Taco

This night spot has delicious Arabic style tacos that are slowly roasted on a swarma like spit. It is the thick flour tortillas and garlic cream that makes this Mexican taco a bit different from other taquerias. Bacon, mushrooms, or beans are just some of the taco ‘extras’ that will mix up the basic taco flavors. Located on 35th Street close to Brisas Roundabout (Glorieta Brisas)

El Fabuloso Pez – Seafood Tacos

Famous for their ‘taco crunchi’, shrimp or fish made with a crunchy corn chip batter made from corn chips is a local favorite. Tacos are served on your choice of tortilla, with the option of melted cheese to make this crunchy seafood taco decadent. Open from noon to just after 6 pm, El Fabuloso Pez makes your seafood taco experience just a bit different. Located on 30th Street between 59 and 61 in the San Antonio Cucul District

El Cazito de Michoacán – Big Tacos with Big Flavors

If you want to experience pork tacos with homemade salsas, El Casito de Michoacan is only open Wednesday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Homemade salsas are put on some of the largest tacos we have seen. Order one to start as this taqueria could have you full on the first taco. Located on 60th Street between 15th and 17th Street.

La Lupita (at Santiago Market) – Cochinita Pibil Tacos

Cochinita Pibil tacos are in high demand at this market taco stand. It is hard to get a taco more authentic than this. If you want to mix it up a bit try the tacos de lechon. Pickled onion salsa, habanero salsa. or a milder chili salsa are homemade and fresh, making your taco experience the real deal. Other local dishes are found at La Lupita, but the tacos are what people crave. Open only during the day, and the cochinta goes fast! Located at 59th Street and 70th Street near the Historical District

Wayan’ e – The One Stop Taco Stand

This truly is the one stop taco stand with over 25 different fillings to fill your corn tortilla. Wayan’e is famous for thier castacan tacos, a pork belly type taco (with less fat). Locals crowd the street in front of this taco stand that is only open from 10 a.m. to noon. Located at 20th Street and 15th Street.

Merida is Taco Heaven in the heart of the Yucatan

Tacos are the quintessential Merida experience. Seeking out these five great taco places will take you into the heart of this colonial city that is the home of Yucatan cooking. Check out some of our Yucatan recipes and restaurant reviews that will get you started on a Merida food tour.

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