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Pesitos Mexicanos

Practically all businesses and services throughout the Riviera Maya now accept debit and credit cards easily with very minimal international or other service fees. This means that your regular debit or credit card is the best option for paying for meals, groceries, and other services. 

An Important Tip from LG Team: Alert your bank or credit card that you will be traveling in Mexico prior to your arrival! As a security precaution your bank may automatically deny your charges in Mexico unless you have previously alerted them to your plans. 

ATM's are also readily available in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Akumal. ATM's are usually offer the best exchange rate but usually charge a service fee. We encourage you to PLAN AHEAD and procure pesos from bank operated ATM's.  While there are many third-party ATM services available throughout the Riviera Maya, they do charge a higher service fee. Still, when you need cash, they're a good option.

An Important Tip from the LG Team: If you will be traveling off the beaten path, to more rural areas, or anywhere outside of the main tourist zone be sure and take cash. ATM's may not be available and many smaller businesses in rural areas do not accept credit or debit cards.

You can purchase pesos from your local bank (usually with at least a week's notice). This will allow you to have a few pesos in your pocket the moment you arrive and it will give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the exchange rate. If this is of interest to you we recommend you speak with your bank and carefully compare the exchange rate. Again, plan ahead. It usually takes several days for your local bank 

You can check the daily rate here

One quick note, we do not recommend exchanging money in the airport unless absolutely necessary. The exchange rate is generally very unfavorable.