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Mexican chocolate history and production by Ah Cacao

Where does chocolate come from? Switzerland? Read on! The first proven chocoholics were in fact the ancient Maya of southeast Mexico who enjoyed chocolate’s pleasures and […]

Chocolate Fantasies Go Wild in Riviera Maya!

The month of February evokes images of lacy Valentine’s Day cards, bunches of red roses and heart shaped boxes of assorted chocolates. Did you know chocolate was […]

Yucatan Romantic Travel Tip – Rosas & Chocolate

For romantic dining and cocktails in Merida, Yucatan its gotta be Rosas & Chocolate Restaurant and Bar. Begin (or end) with live Jazz in the ultra […]

Chocolate ice cream, Mexican style

Our good friend Chef David Sterling who lives in Merida has been kind to us over the years by sharing his recipes.  This one is for Mexican […]

Eco-Chocolate Museum near Uxmal Ruins – The Choco-Story

When we are traveling around investigating areas that interest us, we always find unpublicized attractions that we know absolutely nothing about. On a recent trip to […]

Happy Chocolate Ice cream Day – Chocolate Habanero Ice Cream Recipe

Well it is Chocolate Ice Cream Day today, June 5, and we are ready to celebrate it the Mexican way! A favorite local ice cream in […]

Sweet Surrender – National Hot Chocolate Day

To think that cacao was used a currency by the Maya before they used it for their famous Mayan hot chocolate. Yup, that’s right, cacoa beans […]

Monica Tello is a Chocolate Maker with Health Consciousness

My guest this week is the Founder of Ah Cacao in Playa Del Carmen, Monica Tello. Monica’s passion for chocolate led her to the Riviera Maya […]

Playa del Carmen photo of the day – Chocolate, coffee and more!

The sweet craving has continued so the break today was a great coffee with some chocolate in Playa del Carmen! Ah Cacao is a one of […]

Playa del Carmen Travel Tips – Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate

Now this caught our eye. Just before Christmas, only to be discovered by us after the holiday season, is a new chocolate shop that makes bean […]

Fine Dining in the Riviera Maya – Flavor Without the Fuss

One of the best parts of vacation is the food. Taking your vacation international means experiencing exotic cuisines and discovering tantalizing flavors new to your taste […]

Find The Best Place To Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

If you haven´t been in Riviera Maya during the month of September, there is a good chance that you don´t know this is one of the […]

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