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Welcome to the Mayan World in Mahahual

The park centers around a large 30 meter Mayan temple, a replica similar to Chichen Itza’s EL Castillo. using elevators or stairs, visitors can access nine water slides, two as high as 24 stories. Your reward is a large pool at the end of your decent. One of the largest and longest slides has a 20 foot drop from the bottom of the slide to the pool.

The two zip line courses also start at the Mayan Pyramid. This jungle adventure provides incredible views of the Caribbean as you ride above the treetops of the Costa Maya jungle. There are nine platforms through the circuit, with some pretty high breath taking launches that get your adrenaline going. The zip coaster is fast, fun and the only one of its kind in the Costa Maya.

The lazy river winds around the park on comfortable inner tubes that support both your back and neck. The river run takes about 30 minutes and has lots of things to see throughout the river shore line. This is where the Mayan fantasy and cultural history of jaguars, jungle and gods is deciphered and explained to visitors.

Fun for the Entire Family in the Costa Maya

For the kiddies, they will love the kid’s play area and water park that has many small wading pool, slides, areas to climb and jungle gyms.

Designed by Javier Moreno, the park recreates a Mayan Paradise over 8 hectares in the heart of the Costa Maya jungle. We are torn between calling this an eco park or a water park. None the less it is a fun place to spend the day. If you live in the area, check cruise ship days in Mahahual. If you visit the park on a day when cruise ships are not in port, you will feel like you have this park to yourself during the week.

How to Get There

If you are a cruiser spending the day in Mahahual, the Lost Mayan Kingdom Park is a short 10 minute walk from the ferry pier. Tickets can be purchased on your cruise that includes transportation to the park, a convenience that many cannot resist. If you choose to make the short walk, tickets can be purchased at the park.

If you are a traveler, take the 307 south to Mahahual, then the highway east to the town center. Just before you hit the light house, you will follow the road signs to the ferry pier, Avenida Paseo de Puerto. At the round about before the pier, take a left and follow the street to the large Mayan Pyramid. You can’t miss it.

The park is open Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm