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Cenotes and Caverns

Why Go?

This is another great diving cenote that a local dive center can guide you through. Light refraction, halocline, formations, and beautiful caverns make this cenote special. This is best viewed as a diver though there are great snorkeling and swimming options in this cenote. A small zipline takes you over and into the cenote to make this a fun half-day adventure.

Where Is It Located?

Just south of Puerto Aventuras close to XPu Ha. You can take public transportation to this location if you want to snorkel or swim. Divers will have their transportation included in their cenote tour.

What Can You Do Here?

Divers will love this location but snorkelers and swimmers will also have a great time. There are public bathrooms but not other services. It is best to bring your own snorkel equipment as their inventory is limited for renting. This is a good half-day adventure in this cenote.