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Cenotes and Caverns

Why Go?

This is a cenote with brackish water, a delicate mix of salt and fresh water that highlights the water density differences in a halocline. The beautifully decorated cavern that displays some of the best underground water systems in the area. This is a cenote for divers, snorkeling is not recommended. The entrance is too small for swimmers. Divers can enter this cenote with a local dive center.

Chac Mool Cenote

Where Is It Located?

Just south of Puerto Aventuras on the west side of the highway.

What Can You Do Here?

If you are a diver, you should not miss this dive. This cenote is known for its light refraction, halocline and amazing formations of stalagmites and stalactites. There are very basic washrooms and no services at the cenote. But close by in Puerto Aventuras there are some great roadside taco places.