When we think about must-see places in the Yucatan peninsula, Coba definitely comes to our mind.

Coba is the home of an incredible archeological site. Its enigmatic pyramids and beautiful surroundings make it a trip worth taking. To enhance your experience of Coba, we recommend visiting  Coba Mayan Village. Established in 1995, Coba Mayan Village works with local communities to preserve the Mayan traditions. Its tours offer an authentic experience and respect the history and environment of Coba.

It is by far an ultimate family day trip that will blow your mind during your holidays in Riviera Maya.

Authentic Experience

Coba villagers

What differentiates this tour from the rest is its authenticity. The guides are experts in the history of Coba and descendants of the Maya. Everything is sustainable and ecological. The tour itinerary highlights the importance of nature and culture. The area keepers will make sure you discover every corner of the Mayan village and participate in the activities to get a closer look at their traditions.

Anybody can visit Coba, but not everybody gets to experience a real encounter with the richness of the Mayan heritage, which is exactly what Coba Mayan Village offers.

More Than Just A Tour

cenote at Coba Mayan Village

The smallness of the tour group allows you more time to enjoy each activity. Your adventure begins with your arrival to one of the most incredible archeological sites: Coba.

You can climb the tallest pyramid and enjoy spectacular views of the natural and majestic surroundings. Next you will visit a real Mayan community and meeting with villagers. There, you will see a demonstration of how the gum is extracted from trees and processed to get the final product. This is one of the main commercial activities for Mayan communities.

After, you will enjoy an authentic lunch made by the local women, and a Mayan ceremony of purification performed by a Xaman (or Mayan Priest). To end with the perfect activity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can swim in the most beautiful open cenote.

Book In Advance

Coba pyramid

The current rate per person is $129 USD, but discounts are available for kids depending on their age.

Your ticket includes ground transportation from your vacation home, a guide who speaks your language (subject to availability of certain days), lunch (buffet) and beverages, an expedition through the jungle, entrance to Coba and the cenote, and the Xaman ceremony.

Reservations are available from Monday to Friday. But we highly recommended reserving your spot in advance because this tour is rapidly booked.

The tour usually starts around 6:00 am with the pickup, depending on your location, and ends around 5:00 pm. You can expect to spend a full day on this tour. But trust us, it is totally worth it.

We are currently receiving all inquiries at [email protected] Or you can also call us at 512-782-9878 and secure your next adventure to the Mayan Community at Coba.

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