Why Book With Us?


Why Book with Us and Other Not-So-Crazy Questions about Loco Gringo

Our commitment to you: We will work to get you the vacation experience you deserve. It’s not just about renting an accommodation; your booking is the starting point for your vacation. We want you to enjoy every aspect of your vacation. Our goal is to ensure your expectations are met and then exceeded. If a problem should arise, we are here and ready to help.

Does booking a property on Loco Gringo cost more?

No, in fact, you may save money. Many other companies charge booking fees, pass along credit card fees, so it often costs you less to book the same property with us.

Does Loco Gringo own the properties you promote?​

No. And that’s an advantage for you. Because we’re independent, we can be truly honest in our assessments and recommendations.

Since Loco Gringo doesn’t own any properties, how do you choose which ones to promote?

We ask a lot of questions. Ownership? Management? Location? Are there caretakers on-site? We want to be comfortable in knowing the experience our guests will have at that property, and that’s at all levels of service.

We consider…​

  1. The physical property, location, and quality.
  2. Is the property a place we’ll feel good about renting to you?
  3. How responsive is the Property’s management team? How responsive they are to us also demonstrates how responsive they’ll be to you.
  4. Who are the property owners and what is their track record?​
  5. Would you get a fair value given the property and the area?
  6. What is the ability to take care of issues at the property level should they arise?

Why wouldn’t we just book direct with a property?​

Of course, you can do that. You’ll get the same price and the same unit. But you won’t get the benefit of having a guest advocate working for you. If there are problems, we work with the property management to get things taken care of for you.​ When you book Loco, you have a team of professionals working to ensure you have a fabulous time at no additional cost. We don’t work for a property we work for you.

Loco Gringo has a reputation as guest advocates. What does that mean?​

What that may mean is different for different situations.

For example, recently a guest checked into a property where the house was supposed to be stocked with groceries and dinner ready on arrival. But when the guests arrived they discover the property manager had let them down: there was neither dinner or groceries. Our team stepped in to take care of dinner and get groceries delivered.

If there’s a maintenance issue, like no hot water, or the air conditioning isn’t working, we will let the property management team know and cooperate with them to resolve the issues.

Is the Loco Gringo team local?​

We all live in the Riviera Maya. Many of us have lived here for decades. Some of us were born here. Our years here is how we get our insights, which we use to make your vacations better.

What’s the difference between Loco Gringo and the other big vacation rental websites like Airbnb?​

Our business isn’t about renting out our own property. Owners think rental properties are about the property. We believe rental properties are just the start of a vacation. For us, it’s not about how much you pay for your accommodation. It’s about how much you’ll love your vacation. And that is why we have an entire team making sure everything is right from the price you pay to the experience you get.

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