Vacation Rentals for 25 People! Muy Wow!

25 people in the same vacation rental? Really? You would be surprised how many requests we have for large vacation rentals. Here is how it happens.

Destination wedding, family reunions, friends getaway, 50th Birthday vacation and celebration, 65th Birthday, Vow renewals, Class reunions, Girls Getaway, Babymoons, and in most cases just a damn big family!

The first thought is to rent a whole bunch of rooms at a resort. Easy no? Intimate? NOT! YOur celebration ends up being the entertainment for other resort guests. If you have friends staying outside the resort and want to join in your celebration they are dinged with a ridiculous resort fee for the day. Guests not staying at the resort can end up costing someone (either you or your guest) up to 150 USD to attend your event, and you are charged for their dinner!

Large Vacation Rentals are More Private Than You Think!

As overwhelming as it seems to have 25 people in the same villa rental, this actually is a very intimate way to share your time in the Riviera Maya. Everyone has their own room (based on two people per room), you have your own private pool, you can hire your own private chef, and your beachfront will not be overcrowded with thousands of other guests. Mexican beaches are not private, they are public, but the beach in front of your villa has only enough chairs for your peeps, not everyone on the beach and certainly not everyone at the resort!

Check out These Monster Vacation Rentals for Families or Special Vacations

Casa Yardena in Soliman Bay
– This is just the living room. Imagine what the rest of the house and property looks like.

casa yardena

Hacienda Caracol in Solimans Bay – This house rocks it. Beachfront and a short walk to Chamico’s restaurant.


Sol y Luna (Sun and Moon) on a very quiet beach away that makes this villa feel more intimate than others.


The Grand Daddy of Riviera Maya Estates – Up to 40 People


This is for a very, very large extended family or a beautifully intimate destination wedding. Villa Bellamar in Akumal is the go to villa for weddings, reunions and large family vacations. It books up quickly so we suggest you book far in advance.

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