Tulum Vegan Fest Reloaded!

Just when you thought the fun was over, another event begins. Perhaps people are saving the best for last. The Loco Gringo team attended the last Tulum Vegan Fest and will be supporting the next one coming up January 30, 2016.

Tulum Vegan Fest was originally created as a fundraiser for Tierra de Animales and Anima Naturalis; two Riviera Maya organizations that have joined forces due to similar missions. Anima Naturalis promotes a healthy lifestyle for all earthinglys, people and pets while Tierra Animales supports healthy animals and animals rights. Given the popularity of the past event held in December, new artists have taken a keen interest in the event. The  commitee decided to create Tulum Vegan Fest Second Edition. The Second Edition will have more musicians, artists and Vegan lifestyle experts over the two day event.

Tulum Vegan Fest- The Purpose

Tierra de Animales

The last festival received a lot of attention but for reasons other than the promotion of Veganism and a healthy lifestyle. Visitors found the Festival successfully combined cultural events with eco-friendly activities in a community forum. The goal of the Festival is to unite people who are interested in learning how to produce their own food, how to prepare healthier food alternatives and to invite experts of this lifestyle to share their experiences. What they created was just this with the added community feel and sharing of ideas that is now a part of their event goals.

Ricardo Pimentel from Tierra de Animales and Arturo Gof from Anima Naturalis will be speaking on both days of the event to answer questions about the organizations they represent and their activities.  If you are attending, purchase your bracelet. Every purchased bracelet represents a donation for the two organizations to continue helping abused, homeless animals in Riviera Maya.

Activities and Schedule for Vegan Fest in Tulum

Yoga at Holistika

Tulum Vegan Fest Reloaded will be happening on January 30 and 31, 2016. Activities, courses, conferences and musical performances will start every day at 7:15am and will end at 9:00pm. There will be a special kids program at the event. Kids under 12 years old will have access to the festival for FREE! Yoga lessons, conferences, bakery lessons, preparation of healthy snacks and permaculture lessons will alternate during the two days. There will also be food stands with many vegan options, from healthy juices, bakery and pastries, salads, wheat grass shots, to Mexican specialties like tacos, tamales and tortas.

Holistika Tulum will be the honored host again, and has already prepared its facilities to welcome local and international visitors for this magnificent event. Conferences and courses are usually in both Spanish and English and at the end of each activity there is time to answer every question.

Sign Me Up for Tulum Vegan Fest!

Vegan cooking lessons

If you are interested in attending the Tulum Vegan Fest Reloaded, we suggest you purchase our bracelets directly from the sponsors like Co.Con Amor Restaurant and Vegan Store. You can purchase the bracelet for one day or both days. The bracelet will give you full access to every activity. The only thing requested is to bring your own Yoga Mat if you are attending yoga classes.

If you happen to be a little far from Tulum, you can always check  iTour Mexico Boutique Hotel   or Hotel Posada, great options to crash for a few nights while attending the Tulum Vegan Festival.

For more information about this or others events during your vacations, do not hesitate to contact your LocoGringo Concierge at [email protected] for tickets, event information or more. We are here to connect you to local events, activities and more, taking your vacation from good to great!

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