Tulum Vacation Tip – Use sand for your free spa exfoliation

Posted January 17, 2013 by Kay Walten in Mexico Vacation Tips,Riviera Maya Destinations

perfect ocean in the Rivera Maya

We discovered this about 19 years ago, before the spa trend happened, before we had to worry about our skin, before exfoliation was a common household word. Sitting on the shores of Tulum, we were rubbing our hands in the sand, talking about how soft, how white and how beautiful it was. After a swim and a snack, we noticed how soft our hands felt and for cave divers, that was a luxury! We proceeded to go back to the ocean and rubbed sand all over our bodies, legs, arms, face, feet. I swear, it was the best exfoliation I have had to date! To this day, we try and get to Tulum to re-invent that discovery day, or sit on the beach in Akumal and exfoliate away! Now that I am the queen of spa treatments and many home made natural spa treatments with things out of my fridge, I have discovered that the sand in the Riviera Maya is about the same consistency as baking soda, the number one natural home spa exfoliation recommendation. Which would you rather have, Tulum sand or baking soda…hands down, Tulum sand, or any Riviera Maya sand!

Check out all of the beaches located in the Riviera Maya and pick the one you want to visit on your next vacation.

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