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Posted February 4, 2013 by Kay Walten in Mexico Vacation Tips,Riviera Maya Destinations

Tulum ariel view and beach road photo


Are you heading to Tulum for your Valentine’s Day weekend? Or are you in the midst of your Tulum vacation planning and are not sure what to do about transportation. We admit, we prefer to have a car in Tulum as the city is spread out and requires a vehicle if you want to explore. Depending on where you are staying, you may be happy with a bicycle, or walking but know the lay of the land first. Many hotels in Tulum are either down the beach road or out of town. This could mean a 10 km walk to the beach (if you are staying just to the south of Tulum) or a long walk into town if you are staying at the end of the beachroad close to the Sian Kaan. If you are close to the road that leads into town or to the beach, you may be happy with taxi’s or a bike. But check where you are staying first before you make your transportation decisions. We love staying away from the crossroads as it gives us more privacy and keeps us away from any possible beach crowds. We are also adventurers so any opportunity to hop in the car and check out a new spot or just drive and see where we end up is always on our agenda.

We won’t say rent a car or don’t rent a car, just find out where you are staying as your hotel or villa location will determine you best transportation options when in Tulum.

Check out some Tulum properties and see what type of accommodations are best for you in this secret paradise!

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