Tulum photo of the day! A fun beach vacation destination


We love the fun accents in Tulum that local businesses use on their property. Creativity is alive and well in the Riviera Maya and if you look carefully everywhere you go you will see these fun, thoughtful details that people hand craft for their businesses. These fish lamps are hanging at the entrance way at Zamas in Tulum, Mexico. If you walk a bit further you will see more creative details outside of Mixik, Shalom and Puro Corazon. The natural beauty on the beach is great, the art and decor of local businesses makes the Riviera Maya a super special place.

Curious about Tulum, Mexico and what it has to offer? We love Tulum as much as we love other destinations in the Riviera Maya. Each location has a special gift and each location is different. We never get bored that is for sure! And each vacation that you take will be different and offer different adventures!

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