The third “Hot Salsa” dance workshop taught by San Francisco instructors Ryan Mead and Sidney Weaverling in Tulum, Mexico promises to be one of the best. With the tropical backdrop of the Caribbean Sea and an open-air stage on the beach, Zamas in Tulum is the perfect venue for this dance workshop. Its hip beachfront style located on the pristine shores of the Riviera Maya makes this hotel and restaurant a favorite among its international clientele. It is not difficult to attract guests to this beautiful locale with music filling the air.

Ryan Mead and Sidney Weaverling are leaders in the Cuban Salsa community of the San Francisco Bay Area and well known internationally for their innovative dance instruction. Exciting dance performers themselves, they have performed at many Cuban salsa congresses in the Casino/Rueda style that is uniquely Cuban. Invigorating and stimulating, it is a high-energy dance where multiple couples change partners in a circle. Mead and Weaverling have also orchestrated performances at the San Francisco Carnival, bringing dancers of varying backgrounds and levels into a stunning array of fast paced and colorful dance forms. Weaverling’s creative choreography and vibrant dance experience enmeshed in Cuban roots ensures highly technical yet accessible instruction for their students. Timba, Cuban style salsa music, has many international influences such as jazz, rock, disco, funk and hip hop, as well as Cuban folklore dance like rumba, guaguancó, bata drumming and the sacred songs of Santería. There are a myriad of fusions in this workshop.

Hot Salsa Dance Workshop, 16-24 July, ZAMAS in Tulum, Mexico
Instructors Ryan Mead and Sidney Weaverling, teach partnering technique, movement and style with an emphasis on rhythm and musicality. All levels welcome.

For lodging reservations please contact Loco Gringo.

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