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Mérida, Jewel of the Yucatan

Mérida, our favorite city! Mérida is a brillant reflection of the warm and friendly nature of it's people, some of the most friendly and welcoming on the planet. Mérida is a perfect base for those interested in spending a day or two exploring the rich Mayan heritage and colonial influences of the Yucatan. This colonial city is the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán. We recommend taking a day to visit Mérida's cathedrals and historical sites, strolling the plaza at night and then venturing out into the Yucatan to explore the ruins of Uxmal or Chichen Itza or to the Gulf coast to Progresso or Rio Lagartos. 

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Mérida hosts many magical celebrations throughout the year. January is Merida Fest which runs for several weeks. Keep a special eye out for January 2022, which will mark the city's 500th Anniversay. Each year, our favorite, Carnival is in February and the Semana Santa Celebrations are in April.  Another favorite is the Day of Dead on November 1. Finally, Christmas time in Mérida is enchanting!