Luxury For Less in the Rivera Maya – Adopt this Luxury Strategy

Who doesn’t dream of a luxurious vacation? Who doesn’t want the best of the best when they go away but not all of us can not necessarily afford a hotel with a butler, your own pool, roof top jacuzzi and more. Well, you can have that dream if you plan and talk to people who know where to find these luxurious options for less.

And we are just those people in the Riviera Maya.

We have found that when you book a top of the line all inclusive you rarely use all the high end amenities you are paying for. The hotels bank on this, and it works. You end up paying for a whole lot of things that you never use, either because you run out of time or you are taking advantage of off site tours, therefore not using the amenities on on the property.

So why not book an average vacation and make it luxurious with a few hand picked luxury services. This is more cost effective, you don’t end up throw cash at things you don’t use and this strategy lets you really focus on the luxurious experiences and amenities that you love.

Most Popular Luxury Amenities, Services and Activities

These are the most popular villa, condo, and apartment services that you can order a la carte! Chef services, private transportation to local attractions, grocery services and spa services.

Chef Services – Have a local chef cook for you at your accommodations. This is a great service for a romantic dinner for two on your balcony, a large group dinner, a celebration (birthday, graduation, new job) or just because. Most guests love having a Mexican meal but European and American inspired dishes are also top picks. We have a list of chefs that we have personally tested and can be booked through our guest services.

Spa Services – I admit, I use in house spa services all the time. It is a luxury to have a weekly massage but that luxury is even better when the masseuse comes to your house. I also love pedicures, manicure and full body treatments done right in the comfort of my Mexican home. You can have this service as well, where a spa specialist comes to your condo or villa, where a massage can be given on the privacy of your balcony, roof top terrace, or bedroom.

Private Transportation – Using private transportation for a day trip is great for groups from 6 to 10 people. Go to Coba, Tulum Ruins, Chichen Itza or Valladolid. A car that accommodates 2 people is a wonderful alternative to an organized tour. If you are not keen on driving or if you do not want to be with a large group this is a wonderful luxury. Private transportation services let you go at your own pace, offer you some local insight from the driver and lets you stop when you wish. Perfect for day trips and less expensive than a tour when you are traveling in a group.

Guest Services – Having your own concierge who knows what to do and where to go is a luxury. Whether you stay at a private villa, condo or even a hotel, all Loco Gringo guests have free access to our Guest Services. Text message or call Paulina and let her plan your vacation from beginning to end. This service is free and can save you both time and money.

Grocery Services – This is the perfect service to save some money. If you are staying on the beach without a grocery store near by or have a large group that needs to be fed, online grocery services take your order, shop and then deliver. If you were to do this on your own you would either need to rent a car or take a taxi to the local grocery store, spend an hour or so shopping and then get back to your villa. Having someone do this for you is heavenly! Save time, save money and don’t lift a finger.

Loco Gringo Guests have Their Own Guest Services Concierge at Their Service

We have made a luxurious vacation easy and affordable. Call Paulina, let her know the a la carte services you want and she will make it happen. It is that simple. You don’t need to plan your little luxuries, you just have to decide which ones best serve your vacation. The savings will have you booking yet another vacation in no time!

Contact Paulina and start planning.

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