Finding Quintana Roo with Wendy Morrill

Wendy Morrill

My guest this week, Wendy Morrill, went on the adventure of a lifetime, with her father, along the Riviera Maya coastline. They completed a 600-mile walk from Puerto Morelos to the border of Belize. They endured hiking through grueling deep sand, dense jungle and rocky cliffs with only a machete, a backpack and a limited water supply.

Wendy and her father stopped in small towns to explore ruins and to enjoy the local culture. They found places like Xcacel, which was marked on the map as a town but was only a lean-to, and in Mahahual they had to go deep in the jungle to get around a huge security wall with armed gunmen.

When the terrain became too difficult to pass on foot they hired local fisherman to take them around rocky cliffs and even built a raft to cross a very deep inlet. They found rarely visited ruins, a boa constrictor and resort beach bars they couldn’t buy food or water from.

After returning from the experience, Wendy wrote a book and titled it The Found World of Quintana Roo, after reading Michel Peissel’s book, The Lost World of Quintana Roo, a book Wendy and her father used as a guide for their journey.

Wendy and her father are now personally sharing their experience with family by recreating their trip and visiting all the special places Wendy noted in her journal.

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