Evening Bike Rides With Bicineta In Playa del Carmen

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If you love bikes as much as we do, you will also love this piece of information. An overlooked group that is recently making noise in a good way. There is a weekly activity where you can share your passion for bikes and also make friends. We love promoting family friendly activities and this is definitely one of our favorite. Focused on a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Every Wednesday evening is Bicineta night. An interesting way of bringing families and friends together who love bike riding. It is not a tour you can book, it is a new experience that will make you part of the Playa del Carmen community.

The beginning Of Bicineta Project

Bicineta nights

It all started in 2009 in Mexico City as a clothing brand, but soon expanded to Playa del Carmen. The love for bikes and the vision of a sustainable method of transportation, made the two creators to also come up with the evening rides. Not just as a recreational activity but also to implement a healthier lifestyle.  And so three years later in 2012 Bicineta evening rides were implemented in Riviera Maya. The team has 6 years of experience in the area and over 200 evening rides in Playa del Carmen so far. They keep attracting residents and travelers equally. Inviting them to discover a new social activity and explore the off the beaten path routes in the city. One of the most important goals for Bicineta is to encourage the use of bicycles in Riviera Maya. And with this, to bring attention to the bikes and create a culture of respect for the bike users.

Supporting The Local Community

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The group is always involved in different causes to help the communities. Most recently they are raising money to support a kidney transplant. And they are also collecting donations to bring them to local villages that were flooded and affected by rainstorms. When they are not supporting local campaigns they are organizing small trips in the Yucatan peninsula. They collaborate with local business to promote sustainable tourism. Chikin Ha cenote and Bicineta recently created a family camping in Xpu Ha. There is always a cause to support or a goal to achieve for Bicineta.

Join Bicineta Evenings

Bicineta ride

The distance you cover is between 8 and 24 Kilometers in total. The ride is about 2 hours, every Wednesday as long as the weather permits, starting at 7:45pm. The meeting point is at Plaza 28 de Julio. Located on 8th street, between 15th and 20th Avenues in Playa del Carmen, behind Walmart supercenter.

Recommendations To Join The Evening Rides:

  • Bike (you can also rent it from them)
  • Helmets (they also have available)
  • Vest (also available if requested in advance)
  • Bottle of water
  • Avoid dark clothing

You can contact Bicineta directly on their Facebook page. Or by sending a private message on Instagram or Twitter. We are also more than happy to confirm an evening ride for you and your family. If you send us an e-mail with a couple of days in advance. For more recommendations about fun activities in Riviera Maya, don´t forget to call us: 512-782-9878 or e-mail us: [email protected]

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