Discover Romantic Adventure in the Yucatan

romance in yucatan, mexico

Find out what captivated early explorers when they discovered the Yucatan Peninsula – this place has a romantic draw you cannot deny. Bountiful biodiversity, passionate people, lush landscapes, all coming together to create a vacation destination unlike any other in Mexico. Whether you are budget travelers or jet setters you will surrender to its magic and fall head-over-heels in love with the Yucatan. For couples seeking adventure and romance, the Yucatan has so many enchanted places. Here are just a few of the many romantic things to do that will bring you back again and again.

Take a Self-guided Hacienda Tour

haciendas near merida yucatan

Stepping back in time together to explore the elegance and old world charm of the Yucatan’s historical haciendas is muy romantico! Pack a picnic basket, hop in the rental car and set out on a self-guided driving tour to find baroque splendor, Spanish colonial allure and French Neo-classical romance, all set in the exotic beauty of the Yucatan jungle.

Listen to Live Trova Yucateca

Trova Yucateca is the very unique folk guitar music of the Yucatan that is incredibly romantic. This song style reached its peak popularity in the early 20th Century when serenades and duets were in fashion.  Today, just as they did decades ago, couples in Merida cuddle in the city’s many parks, cafes and coffee houses to gaze into each other’s eyes while listening to live performers crone out these classic love ballads. 

Stay in a Hacienda Turned Luxury Hotel

romantic haciendas of mexico

Enter a world of gracious living and timeless beauty. Many of the peninsula’s centuries-old haciendas have been restored and transformed into luxurious hotels with swimming pools, master suites, tropical gardens, gourmet restaurants and world-class spas. Staying in such a unique, Yucatecan accommodation evokes the romance of a by-gone era.  Check out our favorite hacienda hotels known for their romantic atmosphere and impeccable service.

Experience the Uxmal Ruins at Night

uxmal ruins in Yucatan Mexico

Located an hour outside of Merida, the grand and amazingly preserved ancient Maya architecture of Uxmal puts this archeological site well into the ranks of sites such as Chichen Itza, Palenque and Tulum.  Many agree that Uxmal with its lack of vendors and commercialism give these ruins a spiritualism that puts it above the others.  At night, Uxmal comes alive with an impressive light and sound show creating a mystical feeling.

Go on a Flamingo Tour in Rio Lagartos

flamingo tours in Yucatan

Rio Lagartos, located 2 and a half hours from Merida, is home to the largest American flamingo population. Venture out with your loved one on a private boat tour to see hundreds of blushing pink flamingos. Getting immersed in the natural beauty of Rio Lagartos will tickle you both pink.

Take in a Concert at the Peon Contreras Theater

Peon Contreras Theater in Yucatan

With its  Neo-classic French design, the Peon Contreras Theater is an architectural jewel that turns any performance, be it a jazz quartet, a symphony orchestra or an Italian opera, into a very classy evening out. Located in Merida Centro, this beautiful venue was built in 1908 and has hosted many international entertainers.

Learn About the Yucatan’s Greatest Romance

tragic love in the Yucatan

American journalist, Alma Reed, and Yucatan Governor, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, are remembered as the Romeo and Juliet of the Yucatan. Girl meets handsome revolutionary hero in the very romantic setting of Yucatan, Mexico where they fall deeply in love. Alas, their true love was destined for tragedy…

Take a Carriage Ride Through Valladolid

valladolid mexico

Tour the colonial city of  Valladolid via horse-drawn carriage. Clip clop, your way past the Convent San Bernardino de Siena, down the bricked Calzada de los Frailes and right up to Cenote Zaci. Some call this city a great Riviera Maya day trip, but we think it merits at least an overnight stay.

Plan your romantic Yucatan getaway today!



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