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Swim With the Whale Sharks

The largest migration Whale sharks, which grow to 45 feet long, inhabit the world’s tropical and temperate oceans, devouring plankton, krill, and fish eggs. But nowhere are they seen in such large concentrations as the waters off Mexico’s northern Yucatán. The season is from May to September.

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Did you know that there are 547 bird species in the Yucatan Peninsula? No? Well, that represents 50% of all the birds reported for Mexico. Apart from the great diversity of species to be found in the area, the region’s fame for endemic species makes a visit to the Yucatan a must for the enthusiastic birder.

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Sian Kaan Adventure

The first time we saw dolphins in the wild off the coast of Punta Allen it was like being on safari! Everyone keep eyes peeled for the dorsal fin popping up out of the water.

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Turtle Nesting

May begins sea turtle nesting season along the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Female sea turtles make their way through the waves and trudge up on the beach to dig their nest and lay their eggs at night.

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