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We have all heard story of when Playa del Carmen used to be a quaint fishing village.

Over the years I had seen so much of the Caribbean coast of Mexico, from Tulum when it only and a few beach bungalows and the pueblo had no street lights, to Playa del Carmen with the only paved road running from the highway to the ferry dock. The place that captured my heart, however, the first time I saw it was Soliman Bay in Tulum.

A “coco road” ran along the shoreline from Tankah Bay north to Soliman. The overgrown dirt road was slow going, and tree branches scratched the side of my truck. It was pristine, untouched except for an abandoned construction project standing like a sentry overlooking the bay.

A place that steals your heart

Over the years little homes and vacation rentals popped up. Our favorite place was Casa del Corazon. I remember when they broke ground for the first bungalow. The builder/owner built his vision of paradise. Casa del Corazon has morphed over the years adding bungalow rentals, a pool, but it was always my favorite. I would escape there on the weekends. And I swear every time I wake up on Soliman Bay my morning coffee has never tasted better.

Times and owners have changed, and over the recent months, Casa del Corazon’s owner is completing renovations for the next recreation of a paradise so many love.

Worried that my favorite place would only be a memory of what it once was, just like the times I drove the coco road I thought my paradise could be lost.

I toured the property other day a conclude:

It is still my favorite place!

Bungalow #2

It is fresh, simple yet stylish, beach chic as the designs of the time have evolved. The charm of the wooden louvered windows that I loved have been replaced with sliding glass windows, always bringing in the daylight. The neutral colors mimic the sand and pure sunlight.

Some of the updates include:

  • Air conditioning
  • New floors, counter tops and bathrooms
  • All new furniture and decor
  • New beds and all the beds are king size.

Bungalow #1

Note that the big doors that you see?  These doors are going be be replaced next week with doors with windows. 

Bungalow #3

I have only a few photos now since the finishing touches are being applied.

You will love the new Casa del Corazon. All the bungalows are available this winter season, for all the best dates and I encourage you to make your reservations while there is excellent availability and before rates increase sometime in 2019 because these beach houses are amazing and Casa del Corazon will be as popular as ever.

We will have professional photos of Bungalow #1 around Christmas, and then bungalows 2 and 3 sometime in January.  For a amenities and photos of the grounds, please visit their webpages.  The bungalow photos are before the renos but you will have a good idea of the lay out. 

Casa de Corazon Tulum Bungalow #1

Casa de Corazon Tulum Bungalow #2

Casa de Corazon Tulum Bungalow #3

Book your stay at Casa del Corazon in confidence.  It’s fabulous and you will love it. 

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