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Welcome to Akumal! A perfect gem for travelers.

There’s not a guide on the Riviera Maya worth it’s (sea) salt that would dare leave Akumal out of a healthy Mexican holiday mix. One of the coolest parts about this destination is its two names. Akumal is called “the place of turtles” AND “the place of magic.”

We think turtles are pretty magical, and you’ll see what we’re talking about first-hand if you choose to snorkel off the beach (a once-in-a-lifetime activity for travelers of all ages) and see the turtles yourself.

Located a quick 1-hour jaunt south from Cancun on the Mexican Caribbean coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula, Akumal is one of the most friendly, history-rich communities in the Riviera Maya. Let’s step inside for a closer look, shall we?

What We Love About Akumal

Did you know that Akumal is one of the first Riviera Mayan communities, dating back to the 1960s? Since that time, it’s played host to travelers like you from all over the world. We love that it’s away from the hubbub of the busy Cancun resort corridor. The beaches are quiet for everything from romantic outings to family adventures.

Akumal Bay

Loco Gringo Tips

Snorkeling: Be sure to check out Yal-Ku Lagoon. It boasts a mixture of both fresh AND saltwater which means a variety of fish that’s just unparalleled.

Local Bars: Stop by Lol-ha and La Buena Vida shore bars for a local libation.

Four Gorgeous Bays: While in Akumal, you can explore 4 Caribbean gems — Half Moon Bay, “Centro” or Akumal Bay, the private bay and gated community of South Akumal house rentals and Aventuras Akumal Bay. Find your favorite Akumal vacation rentals on your favorite beach, and tell your friends back home so they can experience your taste of Akumal adventure.  One place that is overlooked but has a fantastic beach is Aventuras Akumal, just sayin’. You will find Akumal beach vacation rentals to fit your budget along each of the bays.

Detailed Destinations for your Akumal Adventure

Well, we would be amiss if we did not mention snorkeling with the turtles on the main beach of Akumal.   Go early in the day before the day-trippers come into town.  We remind you to enjoy their beauty without touching them.

La Buena Vida on the road towards Half Moon Moon. This quintessential beach bar is fun day or night.  Fish tacos are some of the best in town.  Climb the crow’s nest for a private view of the bay.  There is also a pool, dive shop and beach pillows perfect for making a day of it.

Snorkel Yalku Lagoon.  This lagoon is a favorite spot to don a mask and fins.  Mornings and late afternoons are best. The perfect family spot, just follow the North Akumal Bay road to the end and you will see the entrance.  It is recommended to use biodegradable sunscreen.

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