About Us


Who We Are and What We Believe

Here at LocoGringo, we believe that your vacation should be anything but ordinary as you break away from your day-to-day life to go on a vacation or your travel adventure. We want to entice you to step beyond the everyday world and have experiences of a lifetime.

Our Mantra: Explore, Experience, Sustain

What does LocoGringo do differently from other online reservation websites? We create better vacations in the Riviera Maya, Costa Maya, and Yucatan by researching, organizing, and sharing vacation and travel information online, so you have a unique vacation and valuable experiences. We listen to your needs and match you up with options and choices that will make your vacation extraordinary. Our staff either currently live or have lived in the Riviera Maya. They help you find the right location, the right accommodations, and share unique area activities that you can work into your relaxation time!

We have done the exploring and experiencing first to make sure our recommendations for villas, places to stay, and intimate places can be matched to your vacation vision, event, and vacation expectations.

Who is LocoGringo?

LocoGringo started in 1996 as a husband and wife team renting villas and accommodations to adventure – seeking travelers. Our connections started in the cave diving industry, a passion that inspired our move to the Riviera Maya in the early 90s. LocoGringo Vacation Rentals was an online innovation for the Riviera Maya and boosted the vacation housing market.

As demand for our local, on-the-ground expertise and insight grew, LocoGringo expanded its vacation rental services to include tourism services, the first service thought of as the most comprehensive online visitors guide about the area. As our enthusiasm for sharing local information increased, so did our community, online, and on the ground. We started the first online forum for dedicated Riviera Maya advocates and new visitors looking for the inside scoop. We now have a community of over 10,000 LG participants, a fan base of over 13,000 on Facebook, and over 15,000 followers Twitter.

Today, LocoGringo is well-known to vacationers and travelers to Mexico. Our diverse inventory of villas, vacation houses, and hotels, coupled with the wealth of travel information we share, has organically met the travel needs of today’s global citizen. We continue to explore, experience, and sustain what we think vacations and travel are all about, and it seems others agree with our travel philosophy.

We do more than just vacation rentals!

Once you have booked your stay in the Riviera Maya, Costa Maya, or Yucatan, you can take advantage of our many resources that help plan your vacation.

  • Travel Itineraries – Our travel itineraries are a hit, providing interested visitors with three trip options: Do It Yourself, Go with Friends, or Book a Local Guide.
  • Online Travel Guide ‘Ways to Play’ Written by Locals – This is our ongoing travel series that documents our exploration and experiences in the Riviera Maya, Costa Maya, and the Yucatan. It is our excuse to get out of the office, satisfy our love of adventure, and keep an eye on the newest ways to play in the area.
  • LG Directory – There are hundreds of businesses that add to the cultural, environmental, economic, and humanness of the area. We work with local businesses to provide the first comprehensive geo-location directory that helps you plan, discover, and experience during your vacation. Check out visitors reviews and more!
  • Mindful Traveler Series – Lists sustainable tours, guides, and more for vacationers and travelers who like to make a difference.
  • The Vacation Vibe newsletter – Our way of communicating specials, trip ideas, new destinations, and more to over 40,000 International readers.
  • Local Scoop – Our blog that shares photos, vacation tips, reviews and more. Over 50 articles are published per month with the latest photos and information about the area.