Why Book With Us?

frequently asked questions about vacationing in the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya

Q.  Have you ever booked a trip that was supposed to be your dream vacation and it turned out to be anything but? 

A.  Well, first of all, that sucks. Loco gringo is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. We custom blend your needs and wants with our local expertise. From lodging to local things to do and places to experience – to help you avoid the ordinary. Your vacation should ALWAYS be extraordinary.

Q.  We want a trip that’s filled with more local flavor than mega-resort amenities. Can Loco Gringo help us?

A.  You bet. Loco Gringo was the brain-child of two underwater cave explorers. They are travelers, just like you, who thrive off the beaten path.  We love to share our cool finds!

Q.  We’re looking for a more intimate and personal Mexico experience. We don’t have any idea where to start planning our trip. Can you help?

A. We’re so glad you asked. It sounds like you might just fall in love with Loco Gringo’s Concierge service. We’ll help you with coordinating as much of your trip – from a day to your entire stay. All you have to do is ask.

Q. Why should I use Loco Gringo if I can book with a place directly on a rental site like VRBO, AirBnB, or HomeAway?

A.  Well, it’s a common misconception that booking with an owner is easier. That’s not always true.  When you let Loco Gringo to assist with your trip, you have our entire team who are working on your behalf. We work with the owner to ensure you have a great experience. And here’s an inside tip: we’ve personally checked out every property we rent. We also know most owners and managers personally. We may know about some extras to ask for from the owner.  The owner may not offer up those little extras to someone booking directly with them. The owners love our guests.

Q.  How do you choose your properties?

A.  Well, it all starts with YOU. We hand-select properties based on your vacation needs and wants. The physical property is important of course, but we don’t stop there. We’ve visited every one of the properties we’d book you in. We know the owners in most cases and managers. Our number one goal is to have you stay at a place you’ll love so you can enjoy everything on your trip to the utmost.

Q.  Is Loco Gringo a property management company? 

A. Nope. We’re a reservation service.  We do not own or operate any of our properties. We consider your vision for what you want out of your vacation.  We then suggest places that are available for your desire dates. Our recommendations are based on what we feel will be the best match for you. Not because Loco Gringo has any financial stake in the ownership.

Q.  What will Loco Gringo do if I have a problem during my stay?

A.  We’re here for you! Your first step will be to contact the property manager. You’ll have that contact information handy in your check in materials from Loco Gringo. If the property manager or staff does not resolve the problem, contact us. We will jump on it with the owner or manager ASAP.  Keep in mind that we’re a boutique company. We offer up the best of Mexico to folks just like you, but if you call at 2AM, we might be asleep. We will get you taken care of ASAP. You’re our first priority!

Q.  When we book through Loco Gringo, are we helping to support the local community in Mexico?

A.  Everyone who works at Loco Gringo lives in the Riviera Maya. So first, you’re supporting the local economy because we’re a local business. Next, we give back a part of every reservation made to the local community. We’re a sponsor of Coco’s Animal Rescue, in Playa del Carmen.  We also have participated in fundraising and sponsoring children at the Akumal Library. We’ve donated to the local Red Cross for a new ambulance. And we have participated in several hurricane relief projects.

Loco Gringo was even involved with a multi-city music festival for our Caribbean neighbors in Haiti.

Oh and if you are counting, we’ve helped to fund windows and pews in the local church.

You could say our visitors help us invest in our neighbors.

Q.  Loco Gringo, you sure look like a big company. You’re also a U.S. corporation, what’s up with that?

A.  We’re happy to tell you. Loco Gringo incorporated in the United States in 2000 even though we live in Mexico. This allowed us to have all the banking and business resources of a U.S. business so we can better serve our guests.  But we’re still a boutique mom-and-pop business any way you look at it. Gary and Kay started in this business in 1996 and are still to this day the people behind the curtain.

Technology makes us look a little fancier than just a home-grown mom and pop…. But mom and pop are still here.

Q.  Why don’t you have real time availability? 

A.   Loco Gringo IS your real-time availability. We insist on verifying the property’s availability personally to make sure you have a seamless booking and stay. We trust humans more than digital calendars!

Q.  Do you charge a service fee?

A.  You will NEVER pay Loco Gringo a service fee. If there is a service or cleaning fee associated with a vacation rental, it is for the property manager or owner – not us. We’ll be 100% up front about any extra costs like these because we hate surprises just as much as you do.

Q.  Do you match rates?

A.  Hey – we’ll certainly try. All you have to do is tell us where you got a lower price from and we’ll go to bat for you and do our best to match it.

Q.  Why do you have a strict cancellation policy?

A.  Our policy sounds tough. That’s to make sure our guests are serious about their vacation investment. We don’t want any of our guests to lose money in the event that life happens and plans change.  We always recommend travel insurance. Trip insurance is the best way to protect your vacation investment and can even hook you up with a provider.

Q.  Of all the places I can make a reservation for my trip to the Riviera Maya, why should I use Loco Gringo?

A.  Well, if you’ve read all the answers to the questions above, we have one final thing to say:

In the not-so-famous words of cave explorer, cinematographer and friend Wes Skiles:

If you want to be great at what you do, you have to give a shit.”

Well, we give a shit about your experience in Mexico. When you take the time to take a vacation, the people helping you should give a shit, shouldn’t they?