Where the Sky is Born: Living in the Land of the Maya

Have You Ever Dreamed of Retiring on a Beach in Mexico?

Imagine running away to the Mexican Caribbean and never coming back.   That dream became reality for author Jeanine Kitchel and her husband a decade after their first trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in 1985.  While vacationing, they met an adventurous contractor who offered to sell them a beachfront lot south of Cancun.  In 1996 they quit their city
jobs to begin a new life in Puerto Morelos, a small fishing village on the Quintana Roo Coast, and to pursue the study of the Maya and the pyramids.

Kitchel’s travel memoir, Where the Sky is Born: Living in the Land of the Maya, leads the reader on an adventure that is not only fun to read, but just the ticket for anyone who has ever dreamed of retiring in a foreign country.  In show and tell format,  Kitchel walks readers through her experience of buying land, building a house, and pursuing a relaxed lifestyle in Mexico.  The author’s chance meeting with the contractor on a deserted side road in the jungle catapulted her into a too-good-to-be-true land deal.  After accepting his offer, a series of bizarre events—including the Mexico government’s seizure of the land by eminent domain, the contractor’s financial crisis, and a class-5 hurricane—nearly shattered her plans.  But she sidestepped disaster and clung to her Mexican dream.

Kitchel worked in journalism, publishing and sales in San Francisco.  Her ongoing love of Mexico led her to the Yucatan in 1985 where she traveled extensively, becoming an authority through firsthand experience on land buys, realtors, contractors, immigration attorneys, notaries, and customs agents in Mexico.

Where the Sky is Born is now available for $9.99 on Kindle through Amazon.com.

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