Learn how to scuba dive

Posted May 11, 2011 by LocoGringo in Enviroment,Watersports

learn to scuba dive PADI

I took some close friends for their first dive last week. It's eye opening to introduce someone you have known for over twenty years to experience something for the first time that you do every day. One of my friends said that their first dive felt like being in the womb and flying over alien cities all at once. I guess that is one of the better descriptions I have heard. After several years of teaching people to dive here in Akumal, I have generally given up trying to describe diving. Instead...

Mayan X-Tri: Challenge Worthy of a Warrior

Posted April 4, 2011 by LocoGringo in Riviera Maya Activities,Riviera Maya Destinations,Watersports

Maya XTri Logo

The second annual Mayan X-Tri is Sunday, May 8, 2011. This Mexican triathlon will take place in the beautiful Riviera Maya and will consist of swimming 1 Km in the Caribbean Sea, cycling 20 Km through technical trails in the jungle and running 8 Km through jungle and caverns. Sportsmen and women of all kinds, triathletes, cyclists, runners and swimmers, from all over the world are invited to participate in this unique, eco-extreme event. Is your inner warrior up for the challenge? Mayan...

EcoColors Tours – Eco Adventure with a Conscience

Posted March 11, 2011 by LocoGringo in Enviroment,Riviera Maya Activities,Riviera Maya Destinations,Watersports

Cenote Snorkeling

EcoColors is an environmentally aware tour operator stationed in Cancun, México.  They offer ecotours to the amazing Maya world in the Yucatan Peninsula and beyond. The tours include a variety of adventures such as hiking, kayaking, bird watching, diving with bull sharks, snorkeling with whale sharks, ruin tours, wetland tours that include crocodile encounters, swimming with sailfish and much more. What makes EcoColors different from other tour companies is that they are a real ecotour...

Mayakoba Golf Classic

Posted February 11, 2011 by LocoGringo in Riviera Maya Activities,Riviera Maya Destinations,Watersports

Day 3 of Safeway Classic

Lorena Ochoa, Mexico's most successful and decorated professional golfer, will participate in the Mayakoba Golf Classic's Wednesday pro-am when Mexico's only PGA TOUR event celebrates its fifth anniversary February 23-27, 2011. This marks the first time Ochoa will visit the Mayakoba Golf Classic. While her exact tee time is yet to be determined, the four-time LPGA Player of the Year will play Wednesday morning, February 23 at El Camaleon Golf Club. This is a great honor to have Lorena join...

El Santo – Defender of the Downtrodden

Posted January 20, 2011 by LocoGringo in Mexican Culture,Watersports

El Santos - Defender of the Downtrodden

Lucha Libre is as prominent in the Latino culture as mariachi and tacos.  In Mexico, this much loved "free wrestling" is the most popular live event second only to soccer.  To the fans of Lucha Libre, these masked warriors of the tongue-in-cheek art form are more than just entertainers.  Lucha Libre mirrors real life struggles and corruption faced by the Mexican people, making the heroes of Lucha Libre defenders of the common man in the battle of good versus evil.  The greatest of these...

For the fishermen among us…

Posted October 1, 2010 by LocoGringo in Watersports

Bamboo Fly Rods

What You Need to Know about Bamboo Fly Rods If you’ve fly-fished, known a fly fisherman, or watched fly fishing shows on television, you’ve heard about bamboo fly rods. These rods have become quite popular. They represent a simpler era in fishing, a time when all you needed was a rod, line and a hook. Collectors are clamoring for antique models and experienced anglers are grabbing up the new ones. Modern technology has given the fishing world tough and durable new materials for rods,...

Golf Spotlight on Riviera Maya Golf Courses – Four!

Posted November 27, 2009 by LocoGringo in Watersports

Riviera Maya golf near Playa del Carmen

Golf course info, pictures and links. Our day of fun in the sun and lots of serious golf info for local Riviera Maya golf courses. According to the PGA... The Riviera Maya is slated to be the next golf mecca. New courses are springing up along the coastline attracting golfers to come and play a few rounds between dives and hanging out on the beach. We don't play golf but we were invited by the Mayan Resorts to come get some pointers from their pro and to see what we were missing. From the...

Kayaking safety tips for your Riviera Maya vacation

Posted March 30, 2009 by LocoGringo in Vacation tips,Watersports

kayaking safety tips for the Riviera Maya

Kayaking on the bays of the Riviera Maya is a lot of fun, especially on calm days with little wind. Almost all the kayaks along the coast are the "sit on top" variety and therefore cannot flood and sink making kayaking safer, especially for the inexperienced kayaker. You can expect to have a fantastic time kayaking if you will just follow these simple guidelines. Always wear a personal floatation device, life jacket! Always stay inside the reef break, inside the bay! Be aware of weather...

Kiteboarding on Tulum beach – annual Tulum event

Posted December 5, 2008 by LocoGringo in Watersports

kiteboarding in the Rivera Maya on Tulum Beach

Kiteboarding in Tulum People are always searching for new ways to get their dose of adrenalin, especially with new sports that push the envelope of technology and human capabilities. One such activity is the relatively new sport of kiteboarding or kitesurfing. Many of you have heard of it. Many of you have seen people flying through the air with huge kites, but what exactly is kiteboarding and why is it growing in popularity faster than any other sport? Kiteboarding is using the power of...

Snorkeling Safety tips for your Riviera Maya vacation

Posted September 30, 2006 by LocoGringo in Vacation tips,Watersports

snorkeing safety tips for the Riviera Maya

Part of your Caribbean vacation will be hanging out in the Caribbean Sea off the shores of our beautiful beaches. The crystal clear water is begging that you put on your snorkel gear and see what lies under the sea. There are also a variety of lagoons and cenotes to test out your snorkel skills. Some hot spots to snorkel in the Riviera Maya In Akumal there is Yal-Ku lagoon, a brackish body of water fed by freshwater underground rivers. Yal ku also has an inlet from the Caribbean. As of this...

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