Wifi phone services to call home during your vacation

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ET phone home from the Riviera Maya

Phone Home from the Riviera Maya So many places have wifi now it is easy to call home to talk to friends, loved ones, and , we hope you don't have to call into the office…. you're on vacation!    A few internet calling systems work that you may want to consider to avoid astronomical long distance or data roaming charges on your cell phone, or pay your hotel on direct dial calls. Apps and other internet services to call home while on vacation Skype is the service many of us use at...

Mystical, magical Yucatan

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Take 5 minutes to virtually travel through the Yucatan with all its beauty and culture....

How much do I leave for a tip?

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Gratuity, tipping in Mexico

One of the most frequently asked questions we get by our customers is: "How much should we tip?" We created a cheat sheet with tipping guidelines, based on our local knowledge. At your vacation rental: Maids:  3% of the rental cost Gardener:   2% of the rental cost Chef, or local cook: $100 pesos per meal or $200 pesos a day Tours and activities: Spa service providers: 15% on average Dive-masters: $50 pesos per person per one tank dive. Fishing Captain and crew: 10-15% of...

Home-brewed ale made locally in the Costa Maya

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Micro beer brewed in Xcalak Mexico

This is no fish tale! There's a lot more going on in Xcalak than just fly-fishing and scuba diving.  Our great friends Dave and Ilana Randall owners of Costa de Cocos Resort have been concocting some strange brew that is now being sold in select Riviera Maya bars & restaurants. We caught up with Ilana and Dave recently and asked them a bit about how they got into the micro-brew beer biz: Q:  How did you guys get into making your own micro-brew beer? A:  We were on vacation in...

Vacation tip for the weight conscious

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Weight tip about eats and calories


Protecting your valuables on the beach

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vacation tip

A clever way to protect your valuables You gotta admit its kinda funny! ;-)    

Akumal Family Vacation Tip – Babysitting

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Riviera Maya Akumal Baby sitting services

Vacationing with your kids on the beach in Akumal Mexico? Sure that may sound like fun for the whole family but hey it's mom & dad's vacation too!  Akumal Kids is a baby-sitting service but so much more if you want to enjoy diving, a book or a quiet time with your spouse. Akumal Kids offers: Babysitting Nanny service Swimming classes for babies and children Kid's cooking classes PADI Scuba Diving experiences for children Developed by local women, these services are perfect...

Beach quote of the day from the Riviera Maya

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Travel Quote of the day

    Van Morrison said it best!

Scuba Diving in the Riviera Maya, Costa Maya and Cozumel

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Scuba diving in the Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Akumal

Scuba diving is not just for the vacations in the Riviera Maya or Cozumel. It's an easy activity where you learn some basic underwater skills so you can fulfill your Jacques Cousteau fantasies.   Many of your local YMCA's and area dive shops will be offering Open Water Certification programs. The minimum age to begin is 10 years of age for The Junior scuba class, so you and your kids can learn together. Jump in no matter where you are! The wonderful thing about learning to scuba dive near...

Xtabentun: nectar of the Mayan Gods

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xtabentun Mayan liquor made in Yucatan Mexico

Mayan libations may make you horny According to Mayan legend, there was once a woman called Xkeban, who lived a life filled with passionate love. It is said that when she died, the vines that sprouted from her grave produced a tiny aromatic flower and that the nectar of this flower was as intoxicating as her love life. An aphrodisiac perhaps? The Xtabentun (pronounced: shtah ben toon) flower grows only in the Yucatan, and from the fermented honey of this local flower is produced a...

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