Tulum Restaurant Review – Cetli Restaurant

I have followed Claudia’s culinary success for over 12 years. In the beginning she moved from restaurant to restaurant in search of the right location for her culinary expertise. 9 years ago she found her place, in the heart of Tulum Pueblo. This is the perfect place for her to share her love for authentic and cultural cooking.

Claudia is special, her vision is unique, and her food is great. Before culinary historians, UNESCO, and other international chefs grabbed onto the cultural food traditions of Mexico, Claudia was tirelessly cooking, sharing, and educating Tulum guests about her passion – age old Mexican recipes and cooking techniques that were passed down through generations of women in her family. Today, Claudia has found a larger group of chefs that share in her passion for field to table cooking that honors and celebrates historical Mexican cooking, but Claudia paved the road for these chefs, and she continues to pave the long road that makes up Mexican culinary history and flavors.

Cetli Restaurant – A walk back in time

Claudia is committed to cooking as her grandmother did, and her great grandmother and her great-great grandmother. Modern utensils are few, recipes are in her head, and love is put into everything she cooks. This is not a taco stand, nor is it a Cocina Economica, it is a slow-food Mexican kitchen that is well worth the wait. She runs a one woman show with a few behind the scenes helpers, but she is the kitchen diva. If you are looking for a restaurant where waiters, a host, bus boys and sous chefs fuss over you, this is not your place. Claudia literally invites you into her home and kitchen for an evening of culinary history. This type of restaurant is not for everyone, but if you want a bit of an adventure, this is the place to be.

What can you expect? Good food, wonderful Mexican folk art, a unique atmosphere, and a chef that is hostess, waiter, visionary, and entrepreneur. Cetli is Claudia’s passion project, with a message much greater than food. She wants to share her perspective of Mexican cooking, Mexican art and Mexican life in a few dining hours. This is not done through a long lecture or conversation. This is done through her location, in the heart of the Tulum pueblo, her decor, a nice collection of Mexican folk art, and her food, authentic recipes from her family presented beautifully. This experience is not cheap, nor do we think it should be cheap. This is not the ‘normal’ dining experience, but it was never set up to be that way.

Location of Cetli in Tulum

Address: Calle polar poniente and Orion norte (on the corner)
Hours: 5 pm to 10 pm Tuesday to Saturday

Now if for any reason you find Cetli closed the day you decide to dine, it happens, we suggest as an alternative Charlie’s Restaurant by the bus station, Buenas Aires on the main strip.

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