Useful Travel Guides for Your Riviera Maya Vacation

Tired of looking online for useful travel information about the Riviera Maya? Or are you short on time and need an easy way to plan your day trips in Mexico?

Well we have the answer for you with travel guides that lay out three ways to see local attractions. If you are an explorer and want to go it alone without a guide or organized tour, we have you covered. If you are not feeling that adventurous and want something a bit easier, you can arrange for a private vehicle to take you and a group of friends or you can hop on a local tour with a trusted friend of ours who we know provides great service, incredible information and will take good care of you.

We Get It! – Not Everyone Travels the Same Way


As locals in the Riviera Maya we understand that some people want to venture on their own but just need a bit of guidance. We also understand that some people want a friend to take them to the local attractions. Not everyone travels the same way, and first time visitors love having a local sort out their options.

Sometimes we take a tour when we hit a new city just to connect with someone who knows. Then we venture off on our own to find interesting places and create our own adventure. We also love tours that feed us all the most important information in a few hours instead of having to research a destination, or a cultural site, or local activity. If and when we get to Chicago one of these days, the local architectural tour is one tour we would book as soon as we landed.


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We would suggest this same route if you are visiting any of the local Mayan Archeological sites for the first time. Go with a fun tour and knowledgeable guide who can start you off on the right foot when learning about the Maya. Your guide will share important information that provides cultural, historical and a contemporary context to your trip.

Loco Gringo Adventures are Easy to Follow


In the old days we would write out how to see local sites on a bar napkin. We would also introduce our favorite driver or guide to anyone who asked. Our guests recommended we share our travel knowledge online so more people could utilize our knowledge, and we have done just that. Our Loco Adventures are found online and easily downloaded with all the information you need to either travel on your own, book a private van for your group or book a tour with one of our favorite guides.

Download Your Guide to Coba Written By Locals!

Go it Alone or Find a Local Tour!

Our travel guides include trips to Chichen Itza, Tulum Ruins, and Coba. What you will love about these guides is the extra information that highlights where you can stop off, where you can shop, how to make use of your full day on the road, and great tacos to eat! We have not missed a beat and love that so many people are enjoying these adventures.

Download Your Guide to Tulum for the Ruins and More!

Cool thing about these guides is they can be used again and again. If you take a tour the first time, you might want to dig a bit deeper on your own on your next visit. With three options in each book, you can take a tour one trip, go with the friends on another trip or rent a car and do it on your own if you want. You decide what is best for you and you decide how you want to travel each and every time you visit the Riviera Maya!

Enjoy, have fun and make your vacation truly your own with these travel guides!

Check out more local resources that help you plan your vacation in a flash!

We are always just a chat away online if you are really not sure what you want to do or the best way to plan your trip. Paulina our concierge is a wonderful resource that loves to help visitors plan their perfect vacation! Email her and ask away.

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