Three Touristy Things Worth Doing in the Riviera Maya

Three Touristy Things Worth Doing in the Riviera Maya
We published a post in June about touristy things worth doing in the Riviera Maya that brought you closer to local culture, Mexican history and indigenous cultures. This post was such a success that we decided to include some fun touristy activities that are not related to the local history and culture at all. Why is this information important? Why did we receive such a great response to our last post? People have limited time on their vacation and if they are going to get off the beach or venture out they want that time to count. They want to see something cool, amazing, memorable, and worth the money. We have done some things that were beyond memorable, and we have walked away from things that were just not worth the time and money. Sharing these experiences will make your vacation worth it, memorable and ensure time well spent. There is nothing worse than feeling like your time has been wasted.

Tourist Activities Worth Seeing – Sayab Planetarium in Playa del Carmen

Sayab Planetarium in Playa del Carmen Last year Playa del Carmen opened their new planetarium. Their intention was to link up with Cancun, Chetumal and Cozumel to create a network of astronomical observatories in the state. This intention is now a reality. What we love about the Planetarium is that it is much more than just an observatory. There are classes, lectures, and participatory events that go beyond the solar system. Their activities are about sustainability. It is a central place to learn deeply about our planet, our environment and about culture. Check the daily schedule of activities and lectures, review what interests you, taking note that special events and classes are added weekly. Located in the western part of the city, getting to the Planetarium just may open up another world off 5th Avenue and into the city. Check out their website and start planning some spectacular things to do.  

Tourist Activities Worth Seeing -3D Museum in Playa del Carmen

3D Museum in Playa del Carmen The newly opened 3D Museum of Wonders in Playa del Carmen is the largest museum of its kind in the world. This eye catching, interactive art gallery will defy everything you once thought to be true. I struggle with the term museum for this attraction as it is so much more. American artist Kurt Wenner was the sole creator of this experience. His knowledge as an artist for NASA coupled with his love of Renaissance art led him to create the largest artwork for the Vatican and the largest collection of 3D artwork in the world now in Playa del Carmen. Though he is an artist at heart, it is also safe to say he is a great illusionist. The museum is located in the heart of downtown Playa del Carmen between 8th and 10th Street on 10th Avenue in Plaza Pelicanos. You will have over 90 minutes of amazing interactive experiences with 3D art. What we love about this museum is that photos and close interaction with the art work is encouraged. The museum was created with the full intention of each participants documenting their experience. Open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 10 pm, you will love this rainy day adventure in Playa. If you are curious, take a break from the heat and walk through Kurt Wenner’s modern House of Mirrors.   Check out these places to stay in Playa del Carmen so you can be close to these attractions!

Tourist Activities Worth Seeing – Cancun Mayan Museum Museo de Mundo Maya

Cancun Mayan Museum Museo de Mundo Maya We have been to every single Mayan archeological site in the Yucatan Peninsula over the years and loved each and every experience. Once the new Cancun Mayan Museum opened its doors in 2012, we decided to visit and see what they could offer both seasoned and new visitors to Mayan history. Our two hours spent at the museum was well worth the trip to Cancun. We saw artifacts from sites we had visited, we felt the overview of Mayan history was well done, we learned something, and we loved the small archeological site San Miguelito that exists on the property. Your walk about through this small site is included in your museum admission. This experience enhanced our previous visits to the Mayan ruins, the Chetumal Mayan Museum and the Museo Maya (Mayan Museum) in Merida. We also felt that if this was your first contact with Mexico’s regional history, you would be as immersed in the information as a seasoned visitor seems to be.   Check out these places to stay in Puerto Morelos or Playa Secreto, two areas close to Cancun that have beautiful and peaceful beaches!   Looking for a Mayan archeological site to visit? Check out our list of area Mayan ruins that you can visit during your vacation.
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