Loco Gringo’s Favorite Eco Friendly Tours

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What better way to celebrate the natural beauty and wonder of the Yucatan than booking an ecotour during your visit to the area?  True ecotours generate income for local communities and implement practices so their tours have a low impact on the environment.  The main purpose of these tours is to educate travelers and instill in them a greater appreciation of natural habitats. Here are some of the best tours given by local, eco-minded companies that you can feel good about...

Whale sharks are under study, protection

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BY SUSAN COCKING SCOCKING@MIAMIHERALD.COM ISLA HOLBOX, Mexico -- The thing approaching me off Isla Mujeres in Mexico's Caribbean looked just like a front-end loader except that it was alive. Probably four feet wide, the cavernous mouth was wide open and near enough that I could see the small fish cleaning its gums. The creature's body was as thick around as a giant Sequoia, brown and dotted with white circles -- and easily 20 feet long. Instead of being afraid, I giggled happily into...

Disconnect to Reconnect | Why Tulum is Our Ideal Family Vacation

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Reconnecting with the famiy

While flipping through an April 2010 Conde Nast Traveler magazine (yes, I still read printed materials!), the Room with A View article peeked my interest. It looked like the perfect spot for warmth after a long, snowy Vermont Winter. The spot was Tulum, Mexico—just about a two-hour drive south of Cancun. On a whim, we booked our first trip to the area called Tulum Beach and even chose the same hotel from the article—Playa Mambo. This “whatever/whenever” girl has traveled extensively...

EcoColors Tours – Eco Adventure with a Conscience

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Cenote Snorkeling

EcoColors is an environmentally aware tour operator stationed in Cancun, México.  They offer ecotours to the amazing Maya world in the Yucatan Peninsula and beyond. The tours include a variety of adventures such as hiking, kayaking, bird watching, diving with bull sharks, snorkeling with whale sharks, ruin tours, wetland tours that include crocodile encounters, swimming with sailfish and much more. What makes EcoColors different from other tour companies is that they are a real ecotour...

Romantic Things To Do in the Riviera Maya

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Hechizo - 3

Dinner at Hechizo in Tulum Fall under the enchanting spell of Hechizo, Tulum's finest dining establishment.  The custom service includes Chef Stefan welcoming you and personally presenting the evening's menu, and a staff super attentive to every detail.  Hechizo has been favorably reviewed in Food & Wine Magazine because of such mouthwatering fare as goat cheese on watermelon with a honey balsamic reduction dressing, fillet mignon with goose liver and truffle sauce, and decadent...

Seeing Green – Riviera Maya Eco Expo

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Riviera maya eco expo

Whether it is recycling cans or investing in an electric car, these days everyone is implementing some type of eco friendly practice into their lifestyle. The people of Riviera Maya are no exception. The first weekend in February, Playa del Carmen is hosting its 3rd annual Think Green Eco Expo. The expo center will feature over 75 exhibitors of ecological trends and products. Exhibitors will range from builders dedicated to environmentally friendly construction and development to growers of...

Mexico’s First Ecological School Hosts 1st Annual Eco-Contest

Posted December 20, 2010 by Kay Walten in Enviroment,Mexican Culture

Ak Lu’um International School

On Sunday, December 5, 2010, parents and children from all across the Riviera Maya and as far away as Mexico City gathered together at Ak Lu’um International School in Playa del Carmen, to participate in the 1st annual Family Eco-Challenge, a contest which invited families to design and build a unique toy or game that encourages play without doing harm to the environment. Each of the 28 submissions, constructed using organic materials, materials from sustainable sources and/or recycled...

Meet a Tulum local

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Organicamente, headed by ecological visionary Lucy Gallagher

Many of the world's tourist destinations have suffered ecologically in the name of progress and  big business.  The natural attributes that made these destinations desirable are now reduced and in some cases lost forever because of over development. Concern for the Yucatan Peninsula's natural resources has been the motivating factor for one of Tulum's newest businesses.  Organicamente, headed by ecological visionary Lucy Gallagher, is a store offering organic, natural products.  We wanted...

Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight

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Sunset over Half Moon Bay in Akumal

Hurricane Paula quickly made its way through the Caribbean Sea yesterday.   As it grew to be a category two storm, all of us in the Riviera Maya, Cozumel and Cancun watched its progress northward.   The storm held east of the Yucatan and is now headed toward Cuba.  We are delighted that we had only some showers.  In Cancun the winds we heard were only 17 mph.  The storm was a non-event and we are all continuing preparing for the busy winter season.  Akumal this morning was calm, partly...

Rio Usumacinta – River of life in Chiapas, Mexico

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The river is the life giver Just as it was in ancient times, for the Maya the river has always been an easy path for transportation and trade, and for freshwater especially in drought. Chac the Maya rain God was the ultimate giver of life. The rain feeds the river and therefore the two are related. We embarked on our river boat in Frontera Corozal for a quick run down to the Yaxchilan ruins. It was a month before the rainy season and the Usumacinta was low, and swift. On one side Mexico, the...

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