Tulum photo of the day – Tulum beach fun

Posted March 1, 2013 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Destinations,Sustainable Tourism

Tulum local beach photo with a boat and children

If you ever wondered what Tulum beach was like for locals who live in the town of Tulum. Here is a great photo that shows kids playing in a boat that was brought up to shore. Tulum life is simple and simple pleasures is what makes life in this popular beach vacation spot. Unlike other resort and vacation towns, Tulum is a wonderful mix of residents and visitors. As a city, Tulum has made a conscious effort to ensure that the local community remains a priority while tourism develops. The town of...

Rio Lagartos photo of the day – the pink lagoon

Posted February 19, 2013 by Kay Walten in Enviroment,Riviera Maya Activities,Riviera Maya Destinations

salt mines in Rio lagaratos north of the Riviera Maya

This photo is real, Photoshop has not been applied to make this pink and we love what we saw in Rio Lagartos. This photo was taken at the Los Coloradas salt mines, an ancient Maya tradition still used to mine salt from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This is truly a spectacular sight when you travel to most northern point in the Yucatan. Just 3 hours form Playa del Carmen, 2 hours from Tulum and about 2.20 hours from Akumal, the salt mines are the entrance into the Rio Lagartos Biosphere that...

Riviera Maya vacation tip – where to see turtles in the ocean

Posted February 15, 2013 by Kay Walten in Enviroment,Riviera Maya Activities

turtles in the Riviera maya - Locogringo vacation tip

Turtle lovers and scuba divers already know this fabulous tip about Turtles in the Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya is a huge breeding ground for green turtles, logger head turtles and more! During the months of May the turtles start to lay their eggs on beaches up and down the coast of the Riviera Maya. Tulum, Xca-cel and Akumal are some of the highlighted areas where you can witness the laying and hatching of turtle nests. In October you can see the baby turtles hatching and running in the...

Riviera Maya vacation tips- after sun or after too much sun relief

Posted January 30, 2013 by Kay Walten in Enviroment,Mexico Vacation Tips,Riviera Maya Destinations

after sun products you can use on your riviera maya vacation

I am not a product gal nor are we a product company, but when you find something good, I am really really good, I love to share. I will say up front that this is not a sponsored blog post, it is my opinion made from years of use. There are two wonderful after sun products that I love. I am sharing this as I think that this question is one of the most asked questions we get. The first product is a local product that many small businesses carry. Mayan clay is a natural clay product that you can...

Riviera Maya vacation tips – Public transport is the way to travel

Posted January 28, 2013 by Kay Walten in Enviroment,Mexico Vacation Tips,Riviera Maya Destinations

Riviera maya travel tips take the collectivo

The days of chicken buses and hitch hiking are gone along the coast, though you will still see hitch hikers on the beach road in Tulum getting rides into town. Hello fancy air conditioned vans and big massive buses with television, movies, and in some cases on bus beverage service. Public transportation rocks for those quick trips, or even not so quick trips making the entire Yucatan easy to get around and open for all to see. We currently are a one car family and if I am going to Merida or...

Riviera Maya vacation tips – spit is the best mask eco-defogger

Posted January 22, 2013 by Kay Walten in Enviroment

Riviera Maya diving tips from Locogringo

I watched a few divers putting defogger in their masks and then rinsing it off in the ocean. I then proceeded to see some snorkelers use baby shampoo, yes baby shampoo to defog their masks and then put that in the ocean. For all the divers, snorkelers and swimmers out there, we have a cheap and eco friendly mask tip today. Your spit is the best de-fogger for your mask that any money can buy! The most exciting part  is you will not harm the ocean or the loads of fish and coral that live in the...

Get SUN-inspired in the Riviera Maya!

Posted January 16, 2013 by Kay Walten in Enviroment,Riviera Maya Destinations

sun-spiration in the Riviera Maya Locogringo

This month at Locogringo is inspiration month! With December 21 over and the world still around, a New Year just behind us and some exciting things happening in the Riviera Maya, we have found January 2013 to be our month of inspiration! Our inspiration comes from visitors to the area who get off the plane, head to their hotel or villa and run to the beach, only to be swept away by the blue of the Caribbean ocean. We love this reaction, the chats over beers where people continue to be in awe...

Riviera Maya vacation tip – biodegradable suncreen

Posted January 15, 2013 by Kay Walten in Enviroment,Mexico Vacation Tips

find a biodegradable sunscreen for your Riviera maya vacation - locogringos vacation tip

Who doesn't remember the Coppertone kid and the marketing that got us all thinking about and using sunscreen. Back then it was for a better tan, now sunscreen is for protection. The beach disguises the strength of the Caribbean sun that we all love so much, mix that in with some water sports, snorkeling or sand castle building and you need some great protection! What many vacationers forget about is the need to protect the ocean, 73% of our planet from the oils used in may off the shelf...

A Must-Have Family Guide to Exploring Nature in the Mexican Caribbean

Posted August 15, 2012 by Kay Walten in Enviroment

what did i see?

Arguably, the biggest draw to Mexico's Caribbean Coast is its natural beauty. The Yucatan's jungle and sea are home to a multitude of flora and fauna, much of which can easily be seen by the casual explorer. For travelers looking for authentic experiences on their Riviera Maya vacation, taking a closer look at the area's wildlife is a must. With "What Did I See? Natural Treasures of the Mexican Caribbean", an easy-to-read, bilingual guide to the wildlife of the Mexican Caribbean, visitors to...

7th Annual CEA Festival Celebrates Waves of Change

Posted February 13, 2012 by Kay Walten in Enviroment,Riviera Maya Activities


Come enjoy a full week of music, art, lectures, sports, games, performances and much more all benefiting Akumal's local wildlife and ecology! Festivities will kick off  with a silent auction Wednesday, February 22, at the CEA Center.  Bidding begins at 10AM and will close at 6:30PM.  The auction will be followed by live music and cocktails from 5PM-7PM.  Auction winners will be announced at 7PM.  This one-day event will be the only time to participate in the silent auction, so get there...

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