A Mayan Ruin Vacation in Mexico and the Mayan Riviera

Posted June 20, 2015 by Kay Walten in Loco Adventures,Mexico Vacation Tips,Riviera Maya Vacation Tips

A Mayan Ruin Vacation in Mexico and the Mayan Riviera

Oh the joys of digging into the past and traveling off the grid. Mayan ruins in the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Yucatan and Campeche can keep you busy for a long, long, time. Deciding which ruins to go to can be a challenge when you have limited vacation time. Read on as we have a solution for you! Mayan Ruin Overviews in One Place - Easy Trip Planning Loco Gringo has one of the most comprehensive lists of travel information about the Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula. Our love for the Mayan...

Calakmul Ruins and the Calakmul Museum

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When we last visited Calakmul Ruins it was a long drive into the reserve along a rather rocky back road. On a recent visit to the Calakmul Ruins we have discovered some improvements to the Calakmul journey that we want to share. The drive into the ruins is still long. The entrance to the ruin site is located in the heart of the Calukmul Biosphere. But don't let this deter you as the drive is well worth it! The road is now paved, albeit narrow but paved so it allows you to drive over 40 kms...

Seawater + metal + electricity + webcam = new reef

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Coral reef restoration in Cancun

Art is becoming a reef in Cancun This interesting equation has been done by artist and Ted Talks Fellow, Colleen Flanigan. Colleen is working on sculpture in Cancun. This  project is the first of its kind in the area using steel and mineral accretion technology!* *Not sure what mineral accretion is... I had to look it up too before I spoke to Colleen... Biorock, also known as Seacrete or Seament, to refer to the substance formed by electro-accumulation of minerals dissolved in...

Loco Adventure – Sergio Castro and the Museum of Regional Clothing

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Sergio Castro and the Museum of Regional Clothing

We had a good 5 days in San Cristobal and surrounding villages, but there was one highlight of our Loco Adventure that was unexpected, heartwarming and culturally rich. One reason we decided to venture as far as San Cristobal de Las Casas in Chiapas was to buy some new fabric for the house. Chiapas is known for their hand-woven textiles, with each village defined by their patterns and methods. Yeah, yeah, yeah I can buy some of the textiles on the coast, but why not use this as an excuse for a...

Loco Adventure – Bacalar to Calakmul to Palenque

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We were inspired a few weeks ago to hop in the car and hit the road. It was time to revisit a local area that we had not ventured to in a long, long, time. We chose Palenque and San Cristobal de Las Casas in Chiapas for a few reasons. I was itching for some new textiles for the house, some great mountain air, and trip down memory lane. The last time we headed south was in 2006. I hate to think that was 8 years ago, but we all know that time flies when you are having fun!. Getting to Palenque...

Eco-Chocolate Museum near Uxmal Ruins – The Choco-Story

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Eco-Chocolate Museum Uxmal

When we are traveling around investigating areas that interest us, we always find unpublicized attractions that we know absolutely nothing about. On a recent trip to Uxmal, a favored ruin in the Yucatan, we fell upon one of those surprises, the Eco Chocolate Museum. Our attitude about unpublicized attractions is this - if we have time and think it sounds interesting, we will give anything a try. As we traveled through the Ruta Puuc area, we became more intrigued by the numerous signs for the...

Be an Eco-Packer for your Riviera Maya Vacation

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What the heck is an eco-packer? And what does this have to do with my vacation in the Riviera Maya? Well, here's the scoop. Very few people know that the coast of the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya are extremely diverse and sensitive environments. The ocean, jungle and fresh water cenotes require a delicate balance to maintain a healthy environment. Eco-packers pack for a vacation taking the ocean, the jungle, and the cenotes in mind. Knowing that this is a eco-sensitive area makes this task all...

Weekly Riviera Maya Organic Markets – Food and Local Artists

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Weekly Riviera Maya Organic Markets

Not sure if the general public is aware but Mexico decided over a year ago to support a NO GMO agriculture law! Local farmers protested to their state governments who then took the request to the Feds. Quickly the farmers were granted their wish, no GMO seeds are allowed in the country. Yipppeeee!! Throughout the coast local organic and farmers markets are springing up to support local farmers and support our health. It is fantastic that organic produce that is GMO free is found so readily...

Diving Chinchorro Banks

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chinchorro conch

For water sport lovers, SCUBA divers and snorkelers, discover village of  Mahahual in the Costa Maya, Mexico. Just a few hundred yards off shore is the world's second largest barrier reef. Mahahual is also the gateway to the  marine sanctuary of Banco Chinchorro , an atoll declared Biosphere Reserve. It is the jewel of the natural areas of the Caribbean and Mexico. From Mahahual is also accessible to Xcalak Reef National Park , another marine reserve where elkhorn coral abound , tons of...

Think local, act local and join the fun in Merida

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bici-ruta merida yucatan

Peddle your way on the "Bici-Ruta" Every Sunday in the city of Merida, more than 5 kilometers of roads are closed and people take to the streets on bikes. This family event is not competitive just a leisurely ride through the oldest colonial city in Yucatan from La Ermita de Santa Isabel (the square block bordered by Calles 77, 66, 79, and 64A in Centro), north to the San Juan Park, continues north to the Main Plaza, up Calle 60, then north along the Paseo Montejo. You can jump in at any...

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